Monday, December 31, 2007

Disney Cruise #2, because 1 just isn't enough

Yes. We went again. And we know, we are insufferably spoiled. That said, it was the freaking time of our lives. Again. This time we got to go with my parents Tom & Judy, my nephew Grant, my brother Tom, his wife Jenni and their three kids Megan, Tommy and little Allie. There was something for everyone to do all the time. We had a blast and will share more pictures in the next few posts.
This is us on deck at the casting off party. Lot's of music (which fondly recalls high school dances... ie: older stuff) that makes little Allie dance her pants off. I need to blog on her and just her, soon. She is the center of our family universe right now.
Prom night! I love Disney for giving me a chance to dress up. And I love Forever 21 for having darling cute dresses for reasonable prices. Are little foreign children making these for pennies a week? Possible, but let's not think of that. I want to think of the amazing bargains I get. And the photo ops on the boat. Isn't Clayton the cutest man alive?
On deck four. We are sitting on the reserve life vest bins/bench. We suckered our 15 year old nephews Tommy and Grant out to take pictures of us, only to turn the cameras on them for a boy band photo shoot. See next blog.
Still not turning photos. Oh well. This is a banyan tree in Key West.
This is the ocean just below the Tulum ruins. Swimming in crystal clear warm water with ancient ruins above you is pretty cool. Just saying.

On the tram at Cataway Cay. It takes you to Serenity Bay. The adults only beach. Ahem. Which is not what it sounds like. It is just a magical beach where there are no children, and barely any people, so it is quiet and secluded and lovely.


Mark & Sarah Turpin said...

We can't believe we didn't know about your blog! We love it!! and we love all your fun pictures.
sarah & michelle

basketballmom said...

my daughter wants to no if u can post more about grant and tommy and u r doing an awesome job i couldnt even do that if i tried

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