Monday, December 31, 2007

Hot Boy Band Action

We bribed the boys with $5 onboard credit to take their pictures with Peter Pan. They not only did so as soon as possible, but they came up with stories to tell the actor. Like how they have loved Peter Pan since they were kids and were so excited to have their picture taken together. Didn't crack a smile, totally made it believable. I love my nephews. They are so dang funny and were a blast to hang out with all week. They even made cute Wendy scoot so they could get some shots with just the boys. However, she is too adorable to leave out.
We coaxed them into classic cheesy hair band shots. Nothing like a little virgin pina colada to loosen them up.
Oh. Lest anyone thinks I am trying to embarrass my nephews, my husband got into the act far too willingly. Hot.

As two 15 years old boys on a giant ship with moderate supervision, they had explored every nook and cranny by the first night. Amid their travels they found an abandoned stuffed heart toy that said "Happy Anniversary". In the spirit of Peter Pan they presented it to each other lovingly for my camera.
Here they are cleaned up for Prom Night. Aren't they so cute? The teenage girls onboard were soon found hanging around our cabins. Seriously. Oh to be 15.
We signed up for gingerbread house making, and convinced the boys to come along. Tommy and I went into overdrive and Grant did an awesome house as well. Tommy and I are both detailed oriented perfectionists at this kind of project so it was a perfect team-up. We even took it back to our cabin to work on it some more. Can you say dorks? Ya, we don't care.
Here are the boy-warriors trying escargot. As two teenagers that generally prefer burgers or chicken strips, we were excited to see them try about every odd thing on the boat. So brave.
A little more of the rock star action.
Back to back air guitar. They really cater to their fans.


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