Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where Are The Children?

Eleanor is starting to include Winston a bit more in her play, which thrills me to no end. I really hope they always like each other. Here are a few bits of them playing and a few other odds and ends that I want to remember.

Hmm, it's a bit quiet... That's never good... I wonder where Eleanor and Winston are?
Little feet. I love her feet.
I guess it was a walk in closet. P.S. They are both in this shot.
Yes, mom?
Another time, while playing in our closet, little girl found my thigh-high red boots and actually got them on herself. Only they aren't actually thigh highs, they only come to below the knee on me.
Here she is in action.

So this doesn't fit in anywhere, but it's one of Eleanor's sculpture/creatures. This is a empty formula can, two chopsticks jammed in the top, robed in a washcloth and topped off with a nursing pad. Classy.

I just had to include this one of her wearing her headphones. Some days mom doesn't want to hear DJ Lance Rock ask her if "she's ready" one more time.
And come on! Look how cute she is in them!In our attempt to save boxes for packing, the kids are having a hay-day with them all around.
Where's Eleanor?
Oh. Right there.
My cute men.
And of course our cute girl. I'll never get tired of dressing her up.
This was right before she turned three.
Oh! Her birthday! I can't wait to blog that and her Easter and about a dozen other things, of course. When am a I ever caught up on the blog?


John and Del plus 3 said...

Eleanor melt my heart with her many changing faces! And Winston, don't get me started! You know I can't help but steal him away WHENEVER I see him.

Ann said...

Haha! I love E's video! So funny, I also have pictures of my girls hiding in that same closet just like that! haha. Can you just hurry it up and get to Utah already?! Seriously.

Jessica said...

That video of her is so darling!!!

monica said...

Do you know how long it's been since I've read blogs lately??? WOW! It's a good thing you are such a rock star of a MOM who takes time to record the fun things your kiddos do! I LOVE YOUR KiDS! They make me smile.

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