Monday, April 02, 2012

Chocolate Milk

After visiting Utah, we were missing pre-made chocolate milk, my parents always have it in their fridge because my grandmother loves it. It's so ubiquitous with their house that when Allie was just 2 and Jenni said they were going to grandma and grandpa's house, she shouted out "Grandpachocolatemilk?" The name has since stuck. Well, when we returned to Michigan I bought a half gallon on a whim. But, ohhhhh dear. Little E wanted it anytime anyone opened the fridge. One day she was being such a drama queen about it that I took a few pictures.

After being told "After dinner".
Trying her best sad-eyed expression. My parents would have sooo caved by now. Note she got the container out of the fridge to help me.
Working on tear production and spit bubbles. I realize in pictures she looks downright tragic, like she could be a little Cossette on stage, but if you saw the work behind the tantrum, you would've laughed and grabbed your camera too.
"Oh Moooooommmmmm!"
Here is where she starts talking really fast, only you can't understand her because she has worked up real tears by now over her heartache. "...butmomIreallyreallywantsomeandIjustwantsomeandyouneedtogivemeitbecauseIreally- reallywantsome..."
Worth it for this shot.
Lesson of the story- I don't like drama, I am the weakest link in family discipline and tears and manipulation will totally work to get what you want from me. Please don't manipulate me now that you know my weakness.


Polatis Potato Eaters said...

Oh man this post hits too close to home! lol That last shot of E is fantastic! I'm sure she was one happy girl to get that milk! Love it!

Charlotte said...

I see a future on broadway for that girl.

Ann said...

AWESOME! Love this even more! haha!

Adam Howell said...

I want to clear something up. When Marianne posts:

"Trying her best sad-eyed expression. My parents would have sooo caved by now."

She means that our parents would have caved in for Eleanor. They have gotten soft in their old age. When we were young it would take a life threatening situation for them to cave in and give us something that we had already been denied.

John and Del plus 3 said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love reading your blog! You should write for Cracked.

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