Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Winter Walk

Almost two months ago it was a pleasant enough day to go for a walk. A very bundled up walk that is. Something about February and March in Michigan just make you feel like prisoners in your own home. I don't remember feeling this way in Utah, but it must be because Eleanor wasn't old enough yet. Cabin fever is a real thing when you are trying to keep kids occupied and happy indoors for weeks on end. Especially when you are trying to limit their tv hours so you don't have to lie when the pediatrician asks how many hours a week they watch tv.
(Note- I sometimes lie to the pediatrician.)

I loaded them in the wagon and went around the block.

That's our duplex, by the way. We live on the right side there and the Johnson's live on the left. It's been a wonderful place to live. Some of you might remember my stories from our first year in the house down the street. (Shudders.)
They looked so funny all bundled up in their winter gear. I thought they were having a good time, but they look hilariously "attitude" in this picture.
Upon closer inspection, they seem happier.
We went into the back yard for a bit and Winston got to crawl outside for the first time. This was back in his army-crawl phase. It lasted quite a while, he learned to crawl in December but didn't switch until sometime in early March. Either way- he's a speed demon.
I forgot his gloves as it was quite warm outside, but on the ground his fingers were getting cold- so I gave him mine. He looks like such a little elf in this picture!


Sarah said...

looks like you guys could use a trip to Florida!

Polatis Potato Eaters said...

Oh my goodness! I can't get over what a cutie WInston is. Are those dimples I see? So cute! (I'd say come to Vegas, but let's get real, it's already 90 degrees here! blah!

Tiff said...

Minnesota taught us about cabin fever! They are getting so big and they are just so darling!!

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