Friday, July 22, 2011

Winston's First Few Weeks

Things are starting to settle down around here. We are getting used to patches of sleep instead of full nights, although today has been pretty pathetic. I cleaned the whole upstairs to prepare for my visiting teachers coming, only to realize that they said they were coming tomorrow. I also thought I was taking dinner to someone tonight, nope. Tomorrow as well. As I tried to put the cheese away in the dishwasher, I realized that maybe I'm not doing as well on less sleep as I thought I was. But hey, clean house, right? Hmm. Lack of sleep is usually not the time to try and blog, boring or loopy. Wonder how this post will turn out?

Anyhow. Here are some pictures of the first few weeks having Winston with us. It has truly flown by. He had his 1 month check up today and he weighs 11 pounds 5 ounces and is 23 inches tall. That's a three pound plus weight gain. Yay! I would say he's grown four inches, but we all know that the initial measuring isn't terribly accurate. Too wiggly, I guess.

Here's the "welcome home" message my mom and Eleanor made for little Win.
Sweet snugly boy.
And our sweet girl. She is "blowing bubbles" here. Which means she is basically spitting. I'm glad this trick only lasted a few days. She is wearing the dress that my mom got her in Hawaii. Mahalo!
Ohhh. Staying dressed is so hard!
Modeling some of his sweet outfits. Note the adorable skater socks? Love them! Thanks Delicia!
Eleanor and neighbor Nora outside enjoying ice cream.
Cuddling with Angela. Eleanor used to pose like this all the time.
Playing on the floor in their room. Well, Eleanor was playing and it's still only her room.
She was trying to make him play with the phone. He couldn't dial for crap. I guess rotary phones just aren't his generation.
So Eleanor just let him talk. She is so cute with him. We keep a good eye on her as sometimes she loves him just a bit too much.
It's a bit hard to see in this picture, but Eleanor put a second dress on underneath her first one, telling me it was "her pwetty skut." (Her pretty skirt.) I thought it was adorable, until we went to the grocery store and she wouldn't let me take it off her. So she looked like a tiny polygamist wife. I guess that's kind of cute too.
Big yawn.
Swimming outside!
Wearing sweet dress and matching head scarf.
Looking super blond in this picture. This is when he reminds me of Val's boys. General concern again.All dressed up for his first week at church! That was July 10th. Can you believe they even make such tiny clothes? Button-up shirts and pinstriped wool pants. He he! He did really well. I was useless in Primary that week, but oh well. However, listening to Sacrament meeting in the nursing lounge is awesome. You get so much more out of the talks! Last week we tried to go again but Winston chose to hose us both down a few minutes before leaving. So we stayed home and napped instead. Fingers crossed for next week.


Ann said...

Oh my goodness! He is pure sweetness! I love his blonde hair! And those dress pants!? Killing me! I also loved his welcome home sign. Too cute! Wish I could be there to snuggle him! :(

Brandon, Mandy and Benson said...

Love the update! He is just so precious (and so is little E)! I can't wait to see him in person, hopefully he's not 4 before that happens! Love you guys!

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