Saturday, July 09, 2011

Winston Week One

Who has time to blog? I am behind again so here are a bunch of shots from Winston's first week, starting with his first 2 days at the hospital and the week we had Clayton's mom Kathy with us. It flew by in a haze, thank heavens for photos. Otherwise I would honestly have the vaguest memories of Kathy's visit. We are getting into a very flexible routine around here. I am starting to get the hang of getting by on little patches of sleep, and Win is getting better at sleeping for three hour stretches at a time. Yay!

His adorable, long little feet.
My mom, Judy and Winston.This one is a little out of focus, but he has such wide, alert eyes. It's so cute!Falling in love. Everything I love.
Our little family.
His cute little profile. I love his cute nose and tiny tucked under chin.
One of several "worried" looks that he has. Notice the wee little wrinkles above his left eye? What baby comes out with worry-wrinkles? Mine I guess. Probably a lot of "Um, mom... you probably shouldn't be doing that..." in the womb. Stuff like spray-painting, eating sushi or lawn mowing.
All packed up in the car-seat for the ride home from the hospital.
At home on the bed. Killing time with a camera.
Hee hee!
He's so stinking cute, I can't handle it!
Oh no!
Oh no, oh no, oh no!
Poor guy had either an eye infection or blocked tear duct for about two weeks. I would imagine it might be from big sister kissing his eye almost every hour. She loves to give him kisses and so far, is very good at being "soft" with him. When he fusses she says, all alarmed, "Oh no! Go make him happy!" So we do.
He makes her very happy.
Sweet grandma Kathy.
Yet another panic face. Silly little guy.
He really is a sweet, contented baby.Not sure what has him so concerned in life.
Clayton with his kids (Kids! How weird is that?) and mom.
Being "soft".
More to come soon. I promise!


Shelli said...

Oh, Marianne! He is so precious! Does he have blue eyes or do they just look that way in the pictures? I hope you're having a ball with him! (And by ball, I mean a restless-night, spit-up cleaning, but still gobsmacked over the moon experience.)

Ann said...

What cute pictures! I love his concerned looks! haha. Little E is just adorable with him! WIsh I could be there to help and snuggle him too! You are transitioning better with two kids than I did!But that's cuz your just awesome at everything you do!

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