Thursday, July 28, 2011

Whatever, We Didn't Like Them Anyways

So another set of friends and neighbors have left us this year. We lost the Woods and Helgesens in May, losers. And just a week ago we lost the Phillips. What-ev. I know we have to leave next May as well and that it's a cycle and blah, blah, blah.... but it still sucks. There is a big hole in our daily lives that gets filled up, but never filled. You know? I'm trying to write this flippantly to keep my already hormonal emotions in check. Is it working? You're not crying, right? Ok. so far so good. Here are a few pictures of our last few days with the Phillips.

Lexie gifted little Winston with the most adorable little crocodile romper that her sweet Wesley has as well. We dressed them up together to compare and contrast. How cute are they?!
Wesley is still the smiliest cutey ever. If he wouldn't smile at you within the first minute or so, you knew something was wrong in the world.
We could only keep the wolves at bay for so long...
Actually this is just Wesley's cute brother Miles.
And sweet Benny. He freaking LOVES babies. It's the cutest thing, he makes a beeline for Wesley or Winston the second they are in sight. And don't worry, a grownup has him safely in hand here, despite what it looks like.
And if they didn't, I'd say Benny's been due his revenge for 15 months now.Yes, that's a barely one year old Eleanor holding a newborn Benny. Just thought I'd reminisce.Back to present, here is the whole Greencrest gang with a few honorary neighbors added in.
And here are the women folk. Cute Ashley, Ruth, Lexie (sniff), Angela and me.
We also went out to lunch earlier that week. Funny story, a new mom was sitting behind our table with her newborn son. When she and her mother got up to leave she inquired about Winston, how old etc... Then she asked me if I was breast-feeding. Um, yes? (Kind of a weird topic to ask a total stranger in public, but whatever.) She then proceeds to start gushing about how awesome breastfeeding is because it makes you lose "SO MUCH WEIGHT!" and on and on. I just kind of nodded in agreement as I polished off my bacon-mushroom burger and fries. As she was rambling she had to prove her point so she pops up, holds out her arms and says "I mean, just look at me!" Just like a Jenny Craig ad. Yep. Good job you. Bravo on losing your baby weight in under two weeks. Lexie sweetly asks at this point, "Aw, is he your first?" We were all trying to stifle our laughing. We assume she thought she was being helpful to a bunch of possible new moms, not realizing that we had 14+ kids between us. It was extra funny to me because that is Eleanor's favorite phrase, "LOOK AT ME!" And because nursing doesn't do jack for my weight loss. Well, it might if I didn't eat frosting after every meal.

Look at us!Back to goodbyes, here is darling Sophie. She is such a tender doll of a girl.
Zach isn't going anywhere, but I had to include his sweet pose under the cursed moving truck.
Their whole family.
The whole neighborhood.
After they left we all did a lot of this.
Winston especially cried and cried and cried.
Good luck on your new beginnings, Phillips! We will miss you all more than you know!


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