Sunday, January 09, 2011

Should We Start With My Birthday?

Holy moly, it's been a while! Normally I should apologize for how lame my posts are, but now I just need to apologize for the lack thereof. Glass half full? Anyhow- I think I will go back and cover ground from November-on. Sorry, but this blog is mainly for my journaling so feel free to skip around.

So! For my birthday Clayton got me tickets to see Jonsí in concert at the Fillmore. Jonsí is the lead singer of one of our top 3 all time favorite bands, Sigur Rós. He was touring for his first solo album, "Go". It was fantastic! We had neighbors "village up" and take shifts to watch Eleanor so we could make the trip to Detroit and back without worrying. We stopped at Pei Wei for dinner which is a total treat for me. I love that place. Why aren't there any of those nearer Lansing? Seriously folks. Anyhow, Here are our pictures!

The Marquee!
Clayton outside the marquee.Marianne outside the marquee. Ya, it was too cold to get anyone to take our picture together.Inside we had pretty great seats considering it was open seating and there were no actual seats. We were early enough to find a table & chairs on the first riser and too old to care about being front and center. Can I just say how old concerts make me feel now? As a couple who have been to easily over a hundred shows combined, it now takes a true favorite to get us out to a concert. This one was totally worth it.See how happy we are to be there?My best "close up" shot of Jonsí in action.He came all the way from Iceland folks!
And if you are interested, here is a snippet from one of our favorite songs off of the album, Kolniður. The graphics behind the band are kind of blurry. It's off my camera. I'm sure there are better bits on you tube.

So that was awesome. He played at least four new songs and the encore was intense. It was loud, beautiful, emotional, end-of-the-world music. In such a small setting you really "feel" the music, not in a cheesy-write a poem-kinda way, but literally in a physical way. Why am I trying to explain this? As Martin Mull famously said, "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture". I would highly recommend spending at least $1.29 and buying Kolniður, if not the entire Jonsí-Sigur Rós catalog. I've been a fan for over 10+ years, people, so I can back up what I am promising.


Matt and Melissa said...

So a while ago I read the beginning of the guess what post thinking you would say you were pregnant, but I don't think I ever finished it and I just read farther into it today and realized you are expecting! Congrats! So sorry it's so hard. The first few months are the worst or for some the entire time! Good luck. It's worth it in the end! Hope you are starting to feel better.

Matt and Melissa said...

Oh and Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great time.

megannicole said...

Jonsi is a cool name.

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