Monday, January 17, 2011

Catching Up is Tedious

I still have scads of December posts to catch up on, but yawn. I'd rather just blog about how tired I am. Doesn't that sound awesome? I've been pretty quiet on the pregnancy front this time. I imagine it is nice for everyone to not hear my every thought on every sensation this time around. That is the beauty of having done it once before I guess. And being a mom keeps me busy enough to not be so preoccupied by all the changes. Eleanor is as cute as ever. The other day I tried french braiding her hair. It was kind of funny. I've never been great at it to start with, and then add in a wiggly toddler who doesn't want her hair tugged on, and you get this:

Nice part!In other pregnancy news, look what has happened to me! Look at my recycling! The saddest part (and I really mean that) about being pregnant is that my Diet Coke tastes "off" now. I keep trying it every other week or so to see if the magic is back, but to no avail. It's breaking my heart. However, I still need the punch of carbonation apparently so I've taken to Sprite mixed with juice. I recommend Peach Nectar and Sprite, it's so good.
Today has been another banner day in productivity. I have been eating brownies and watching the whole season of Freaks & Geeks. I'd never seen it before and I am loving it. Another recommendation for you all. How is Eleanor's movie watching going? I'm so glad you've asked. Now, along with Toy Story 1,2 & 3 and Elmo, she also enjoys Ice Age 1 & 2, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Monsters Inc and The Incredibles.

Aside from my laziness, today is exciting for tomorrow we are going to Chicago! For Christmas Clayton got me tickets to go see Wicked! I have been dying to see this for years! We are going with some good friends of ours so we can swap babysitting while we each do something fun. So excited! Then, on Monday I have my ultrasound! I cannot wait to find out the gender of our little whatchacalit. I would love to hear that I am actually three weeks ahead of where I think I am, as I am already enjoying some symptoms that happened much later with Eleanor. Waddling, popped out belly-button, heartburn and trouble sleeping. See- haven't you missed my pregnancy updates?

I will have to get back to December soon and then catch up on January. Let's hope I am done by Valentine's Day! But don't hold your breath.


Charlotte said...

I cannot STAND people who are always giving unwanted advice, except for myself.

If you really hate heartburn, you could try going without any animal products for 3-4 days (no meat, no broth, no eggs, no dairy, no milk chocolate). As the Lord said, "It pleases me when these things are not used" (paraphrased). You'll have to have lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and peanut butter on hand so you get enough nutrients. You still might have to take a tums if you eat tomato sauce, but it's supposed to work.

I'm done. No more unsolicited advice. Promise.

Aubreydoll said...

You will love Wicked!! In fact, you might be seeing it in the same place that my mom and I did, what theater??

Also, can't wait to find out what you're having!

LD said...

I think E and Z could live together and get along smashingly. Every movie you listed are also must-haves around here and sadly I give in 99% of the time. Can't wait to hear on your babies gender!! Good luck with the heartburn, etc. My advice for everything is more sugar, which unfortunately is never good advice :)

Ann said...

Could your new drink of choice have anything to do with losing your virginity to the Fuzzy?! You're welcome.

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