Sunday, January 30, 2011

Christmas Eve, Day and So On

Christmas Eve was spent at Tom & Jenni's house as has been our tradition the last few years. After dinner out together we went home for new pajamas and "talent show", where Megan arbitrarily assigns people talents and tasks to perform for the family. This year's theme was "Christmas Shoes", which I introduced to their family as they had never even heard the song, let along seen any YouTube videos of it. In case you aren't familiar, Christmas Shoes is the most atrocious song ever written. It is a disgusting manipulative piece of crap that people seriously cry over. I'm sorry if you are one of them, not because I am offending you, but because you have no taste. We really shouldn't be friends. Here is a link in case, like the Howells, you aren't familiar. My apologies for the Donny Osmond Chills in advance. Where was I? Oh yes. Christmas Eve.

Adorable girls hugging in their new pjs. Sorry, I just had to get a picture. And notice Allie in her special robe, she really wanted a robe this year. Why? Not sure, but it is always funny how 4 year-olds think.
A little later something made Eleanor upset. She is especially cute when she cries. I need to get over this or when looking through photos later in life, she is going to wonder why her childhood was so sad.
A little bit happier...
A bit more...
And voila! We are all better!
Christmas morning was nice and low key.
Eleanor didn't seem too interested in her presents, but she found Santa's leftover cookie soon enough. She finished it while we tried to woo her with packages.
She received many baby dolls this year.
And her favorite doll, Jesse. When she started to open it she could only see the legs, so she yells "A cowboy!". Then she finished the rest and was happy to yell, "Jesse!"
Saturday we went to my parents for our usual turkey dinner and more presents and had a wonderful day there. Sunday night we went to the Firth cousin dinner up in Tremonton and also had a great time. The little cousins (technically 2nd or 3rd or once-removed or something) put on another nativity. Eleanor was again, cast as an angel.
But once again, she was a little too "improv" for the show and only lasted a few minutes in costume. At least we got a few pictures.
This is Clayton's Grandmother Ethel Mae Firth and her five children all together. She is an amazing woman, and raised five great kids. Well, except for Wayne. Just kidding.
A quick funny story. Back at Tom & Jenni's we all got to enjoy Tom's new massage chair. Seriously, I really want one, and I don't even really like back rubs. Anyhow, one time I am sitting on it and Eleanor climbs in my lap. She sits there for a minute before she laughs and says, "OH! I SHAKE!" Umm, when and where did she learn the verb "shake"? She soon became a pro at getting the chair started.


Ruth said...

That is too funny, that song isn't my favorite either. Good thing because I still want to be your friend. It is fun to see your Christmas posts- since you were gone A WHOLE MONTH!

Sarah said...

Marianne.. how are we just hearing about Christmas eve?!... just joking. It's great to hear it whenever you can find time to tell it! Your girl is just the cutest! miss you guys

Aubreydoll said...

Um, I just have to ask, you seriously don't like back massages?? I could have one everyday and it still wouldn't be enough!

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