Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oh, Hello Perfection.

So yes, this first picture is perfection to me. I could wallpaper my house with this photo and die happy. Do you ever get a shot like that? One that you love above all the others? Then again, I get about one a week with Eleanor. Must be a mom thing. So- this was taken at the end of our day at the Uncle John's Cider Mill a week ago. It was raining so we only stopped to get cider and donuts with the J. Reuben Clark society. Normally there are a lot of fun kid things to do, so, sorry Eleanor. Next year.
Here we are inside overlooking the cider press. It's fun to see the apples getting squished. And the smells reminded me of life back in Manson Washington, where I grew up. Apple sheds and orchards were part of every one's life there. ("Sheds" are actually huge processing buildings.)
Eleanor loved looking through the slats at the action.
Outside we bundled her back up for the cold. Do you love her boots as much as I do? You do? Good. I have the exact same ones! Remember?

And our little trouper getting back in the car. More fall and Halloween to come!


Ann said...

Boots? Yes, awesome. Also awesome? Your hair! Dang cute! And LOVE your bag! I must have it. That is all.

The Jessee Journal said...

Hey .... so I really really like the pic of Eleanor at the beach at the top of your blog .. and I think it would be really fun to play with in photoshop. So if you ever have a spare moment and would like to give me some entertainment ... could you send me the file? I promise to give you the edits (if they turn out good of course;)

Shelli said...

Yes, perfection indeed!

moabgirl said...

I pretty much think every picture of her would work as wallpaper! I love the look in her eyes, so sweet and genuine and trusting. Oh, and I really love her looking through fences!

Aubreydoll said...

I second the getting-at-least-one-perfect-shot-a-week! She really is a cutie!

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