Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I Win. Oh, you want to know why you lost?

Because, did THIS happen to you on YOUR birthday?

I didn't think so.

Although, to bring a little humility in,
when I asked her whose birthday it was, she answered:"A doggy?".

On the bright side, I got a honkin-mother of a Sam's Club cake.
I turned thirty something. Officially fudging any
numbers from here on out.

P.S. I am so behind on blogging. You wont even get Halloween for a few more days. Boooo.


Tiff said...

Happy Birthday!!! That was the sweetest birthday song ever!!

moabgirl said...

Oh so sweet!!! When did she quit being a baby? Not fair!

romney,ashley, ainsley and emmaline said...

happy birthday...belated:) hope it was a great one!

Ann said...

ARGH!! My stupid computer won't let me see any videos for some reason! So sad. I wanna see why I lost!! Any way. Happy Birthday again! Glad you had one awesome cake!

Brandon, Mandy and Benson said...

Obsessed with this! She is my inspiration. I WILL teach Benson her tricks! So glad I could be there to celebrate another year in the life of YOU!

Aubreydoll said...

You're right, that did NOT happen to me on my birthday! Why is she so grown up??

So sad we missed the celebration!

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