Sunday, November 02, 2008


Happy Halloween to everyone a few days late! All through October I have barely had any time to sit and blog. Time enough to sit and read blogs, sure. But I am sure we all go through this. So let me catch up. Earlier in the month Clayton's sister Valerina (Autumn's name for her) came to visit with her three boys. We caught up with them while they were at Alison and Clint's house with their three boys and their adorable Autumn. If you read my blog, you already know all about her. We planned to spend just the night but ended up a bit longer as the draw of games, kids and birthday cake is too strong a pull for us to resist. (Happy birthday Jonah!) Clayton spent the time mainly as an improvised bean bag/ punching bag. As seen here.

I also got a shot of the whole group as we headed out for an outing. Autumn is princess ready as usual. It was a great time.
I had a sleepover weekend with Jennifer's three youngest kids: Calvin, Jack Abby, where we did October crafts. Sadly I didn't get a single picture. Boo. We taught them how to play Clue and painted pumpkins. Here are my results. The kid's pumpkins were much cuter.
On the 20th my friends and I held a play-date for our husbands where we carved pumpkins. Here is Heidi's Josh's results. Mine is the star thing in the upper left corner of the photograph. Don't know why I didn't get Josh actually carving. I didn't get a shot of Sterling either. Some friend I am. But isn't his Ernie cute?
Here is Clayton with his masterpiece. The mouth reads "I EAT KIDS". Of course it does.
Here are Heidi and Shauna with their super-Martha pumpkins. So much fun to play together.
Next up is my Birthday! Hooray- not really. None too thrilled about how the numbers are creeping up. Anyhow, I got a great car-seat and base. Love the teal and brown colors. The idea is that it will work for girl and boy babies. As I hope to eventually have both.

Clayton spent a good hour in the bedroom wrapping my next present. I started to wonder what was taking him so long. How long does it take to wrap one present? The next picture should explain it all.
How cute is he? Pretty freaking cute is the answer. I have coveted these galoshes for a while now. Does everyone love them as much as I do? Yes, I believe you do.
Last week I helped Jenni make Halloween cookies for Megan's Young Women event. Allie helped. Here she is posing with Clayton.
And here she is diligently working on another "Barney" cookie.

And finally Halloween. We had a friend's show (Puppetgrinder!) to go to and costumes are a must. Don't need to twist our arms. Clayton and I both love Halloween. What to be when you are over five months along? Pregnant nun and dirty priest of course. My apologies to any Catholic friends out there. We thought about pregnant missionary, but that is actually possible with Mission presidents and families and stuff, so the joke isn't as good. By the way- I am huge, but not that huge. I did stuff an extra blanket in for good effect.

Sadly we waited outside the venue for about 35 minutes before I gave up. Too tired and too many smokers right next to us in line. So we missed Curt's show. Luckily we got to see him the next day for lunch while he was still in town. Thanks Curt!
Happy October everyone. Sadly the best month of the year is now behind us. Rain and snow and blech ahead. At least it means I stay indoors blogging! Or reading yours.


camillion said...

oh, I LOOOOVE the dirty priest/pregnant nun... it reminds me of the only dirty joke I know (and learned in Junior High).

This week! Let's do it! I can't wait to see you and shamelessly rub your belly, voiding you of personal space.

email me!
camilleda33 at yahoo dot com

Matt and Melissa said...

Loved the costumes(would have been a little more edgy if you were an alter boy Marianne, but wouldn't have worked with the pregnant thing probably. Would have made a nice couple though. Wow, this is a long parenthesis comment, is this even grammatically allowed?) and the pumpkins, especially the Ernie one. I am going to steal that idea some year. Internet is sketchy here for us, so we spent the day catching up on blogs. I love October in Utah too. I am trying to convince Melissa that she will love it someday. All she can comment on is how cold it is going to be. Thanks for the updates. Bye for now. We'll be up there in December!

camillion said...

BTW-- your playlist is siiiiick.... Architecture in Helsinki? Never heard of em. I'm getting this awesome tutorial in cool music. Plus, you can NEVER go wrong with the Smiths...

Helicougar said...

Hey, Marianne. Great costumes! Very clever. Hey, I've decided to go private with our blog. Please send me your email address at Love ya!

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