Friday, August 21, 2009

Tender Mercies

Remember Bednar's talk about Tender Mercies of the Lord? Well, maybe these are too trivial to count as tender mercies, but each of these small things has brightened my outlook about our move. I could also make a ginourmous list of things I am painfully missing about Provo, or the hideous spiders I keep seeing, but I am trying to look on the bright side. Just a small list. I will do more later.

1- Fireflies! Would you believe that in all of my travels I have never seen them? Well I hadn't. And now they are all over. They are so cool! Except they are rather ugly in the light of day, I think I killed a few not realizing what they were. Oh well.

2- Our sink has a sprayer attachment. I love those! (Our last place didn't.) (We've traded it for our dishwasher or disposal, but hey.)

3- Jack's Special Salsa. I found this the last month I was in Utah at Costco. It is my all time favorite store bought salsa. I was sad to even leave an inch of it in the jar when we left Provo. Well hooray, they sell it here too! And not at Costco- the nearest Costco is about an hour away.

4- I found a really cool radio station. They play stuff like Regina Spektor, Rilo Kiley and Interpol. The kinds of bands that never get played on the radio. And then they play a few Christian songs too. It's such a bizarre combination, but I really like it.

5- We just got our cable and internet hooked up.... and we have BRAVO! I love this channel! Top Chef! Project Runway! (Ok, I know that they've moved to Lifetime, but reruns. Hello.) Top Design, Rachel Zoe Project! And other such goodness. We also get like thirty music channels that actually play music videos. You know, like MTV and VH1 used to. So happy.

6- Have I mentioned how awesome our ward and neighbors are? Awesome.

7-It's bonus time at Clinique here. Just in time! I needed new foundation. I love free presents for buying something I would've bought anyway.

8- Joanne's and Michael's are less than three miles away. Happiness.

9- Lake Lansing. It is less than five miles from our house. It's this tiny beautiful lake that has a lovely park right next to it. And on Friday nights in the summer there are free concerts there. We went with our neighbors last Friday night. And there were Fireflies.

10- I can't think of a tenth thing, but I can't end on nine. Oh hey- we finally got a dresser and desk. I put up a wanted ad on Craigslist explaining that they would have to deliver as well, and voila! For eighty bucks we are set. I am stripping the dresser as we speak so I can paint it a cute color or something. And if you know me, you know that having a project like that makes my life.

So we are a bunch of happy campers. We miss our friends and family sooo much, but are doing ok. I'm just super glad that we live in the day and age of blogs, cell phones and Facebook.


The King family said...

Marianne, You are the world's cutest blogger!

Tender Mercy #11
We get to see pictures and hear all about your life even though you aren't as near as you used to be. (And for someone like me that didn't get to see you much anyway,I have always loved keeping in touch with your life this way. You have such a sweet outlook on life.)

monica said...

"Ditto". What they said. I am missing your contagious spirit and love of life and motherhood. You are a gift to our Firth Family!

I just plugged in our old Slow DOG Computer and e-mailed myself all of my "favorites". Just thought you might like to know you are one of them!

I've been reading for what seems like a day and am just now catching up..... SOOOOOOOOOO sorry for Kirsten and your family's loss there. WOW! Does that girl have anything left of a heart/soul??? I pray for her healing.

I miss fireflies. I hope someday that my kidos get to enjoy them as I did as a child.

Love you!

Sandra said...

Marianne - I love your blog! You had me laughing about your laziness and the dresser outside. I'm right there with you, I would've done the exact same thing.

I love Jacks Salsa from Costco too! Let me give you a little tip that will make it even better (if possible). Add a can of black or red beans, black eyed beans and some corn and it's even more delicious! Seriously...

I love that you love cable, so do I!! Enjoy Michigan!!

LD said...

I LOVE that talk by Elder BEdnar. And good for you for recognizing those tender mercies!

GourMama said...

We miss you guys so much! Thanks for reading my lame blog:)I can not believe how old she has gotten. She is seriously the cutest baby ever. I want a baby girl that looks like her.

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