Thursday, August 27, 2009

Durrr. It always looks so easy on HGTV.

Being the laziest person on the planet has it's perks. Those are obvious. What are not obvious are some of the down-sides. For example. I have been stripping a dresser so I can paint it. For a while. It's been on the back porch all week. What else has been happening all week? Rain. Should I bring it inside? Nah- let's let the rain and dresser fight it out. Wondering who won?

Ya- the wood has buckled on the sides. And being the laziest person on the planet, I kinda don't care anymore. Too hard. I peeled off a bunch that was too buckled, but there is a certain part that will have to just stay that way, or I will have to replace the whole side. And we all know that's not happening. So I am continuing to strip it, and will paint it. But suffice it to say, it wont exactly end up being a family heirloom. It's still out there getting sprinkled on. I sure hope the drawers eventually fit back in. Ugh. So instead, I finished Eleanor's bookshelf. Something I also wanted to have done before she was born. Ha. But now it's done! And it's kind of cute. I started with an old cheap bookshelf that I had for ages. Bought some cheap trim at Michael's. Cut it to fit with my nifty little saw and nailed it on. Filled the seams and painted the trim white.
Then I painted the back blue and voila! I love it. It's so cheery and sweet. I can't wait to load in all of her books. (We brought em'. Two heavy boxes of them.)
By the way. Lest you think I am cool, we are not finished unpacking yet. Not by a long shot. This is how I roll. Something urgent to do? Let's do something entirely different! In my family we reference it like this: Making the beds when your house is burning. Eleanor's clothes are in pretty little piles on her floor until I can find her hangers. But do I have time for that? No! I've got bookshelves to paint. But projects are way, way more satisfying. Having somewhere to put my socks might be nice also, but too bad. Poor Clayton.

And because it wouldn't be my blog without a shot of sweet E.
That is her new lamb we bought brand new at a yard sale. I picked it up to show her and she started squealing and spazzing out with happiness. Best quarter I ever spent.


leigh said...

Luke likes the lamb too, he's trying to kiss it on the monitor. Either the lamb or Eleanor, I'm not sure.

Grammy Rae said...

I'm loving how you dressed up those shelves.

Helicougar said...

I love that picture of Eleanor! What an absolute doll! Is she still as good natured as ever?

monica said...

Wow! you are driven. I swear E has aged 2 or 3 months since you've been there... NOT FAIR! When are you coming again???????

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