Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eleanor's Sweet Room

So this is what else made me cry that I referenced in my last blog post.

As we were packing up our old house, in a storm of boxes and awfulness, Clayton asked if we were ready to roll through Eleanor's room. That did it. That was when I couldn't keep it together. I had dreamed of Eleanor's nursery all through my pregnancy. With a color palette of robin's egg blue, white and red accents and with a scalloped lace trim painted around the top. Sadly and happily, once she was here I never found the time to finish it. So all her fairy tale pictures never got put up, the curtains never finished and I still need to top stitch her crib quilt. But it was almost there. So to appease my lunacy, we stopped packing, cleaned the room out a little and had a little photo shoot. Here are the shots of Eleanor's first nursery.

Come on in!

It was such a sweet little room and I hope we can recreate a bit of it here in Michigan.


leigh said...

It's beautiful! You're lucky you got to paint your baby's first room. We always lived in apartments we weren't able to paint. Then when we bought our house and painted the boys room, they wrote all over the walls the next day.

Matt and Melissa said...

Her room was adorable. I love the red accents. I'm sure your new home will give you many great new memories! Moving is HARD!! Good luck with the unpacking and everything. It will feel like home in no time.

Tiff said...

Oh...I love it! Hailee Jo's was robin egg blue also. That scalloped top border is wonderful! I'm so glad you took pictures!

alison said...

It was a beautiful nursery... she's going to love seeing those pictures when she's older. My kids love to see what their nurseries looked like. But I'm sure you will make her new nursery just as inviting!

Allison Hansen said...

W.O.W. Seems only fitting this room is designed in the same colors Superwoman sports...

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