Tuesday, May 26, 2009

San Diego!

This past weekend Clayton was going to make a trip to Michigan to check out the law school he has been accepted to there. (Oh ya- Clayton got accepted to two law schools and wait-listed at two others. So in the fall it looks like we will probably be in Spokane Washington at Gonzaga.) However, flight loads to Detroit were bad (non-rev travel is always stand-by) so we decided to take Eleanor on her first trip instead. Eleanor had not yet met her uncle Tyler and aunt Rachel, so we went to San Diego!

All packed up at the airport.
SkyWest sent Eleanor a cute little onsie that says "SkyWest Airlines - Future Flyer". She had to wear it on her maiden voyage of course. However it looks a touch boyish, so I made her wear a ridiculously frilly headband to compensate. Mother's vanity, oh well. Due to a full flight, Clayton and I couldn't sit together on the plane. I was a tad nervous, but luckily the people next to me both had noise reduction head phones and I was able to relax a little. It turns out I had no need to worry. Eleanor did great on the flight. Once we were safe at the gate in San Diego I took a minute to pose her for some shots.

Here is her typical look of "Really mom?".
"I mean seriously, we get it. I'm on a plane. Big deal."
I have about eighty more shots of her looking at me like this.
We had a lovely weekend with Ty and Rachel. They took us to Coronado Island where we enjoyed the beach. Eleanor had a lot of "firsts" this trip.
She didn't enjoy the sunscreen application, nor the wind. But the second her toes touched the (very cold) water she perked right up. She is definitely a water baby.
Our little nugget barely fits into her swimsuit. I love her little tummy poking out from under her tankini. She is so very edible.
Notice the sad face for being out of the water?
On Saturday night Eleanor and I both experienced a first. Our first major league baseball game!
We got to cheer the San Diego Padres onto a victory over the Chicago Cubs.
Baby was super well behaved at the game. I thought the noise might bother her, but she took it all in stride.
Rachel, Tyler, Marianne and Eleanor.
Everyone got free shirts at the game. I love free stuff! Eleanor wore hers instead of a blanket. And Clayton said this is the first and last time you will see him in a Padres shirt. P.S. We are not Cub fans, no no no. We are St. Louis Cardinals people through and through. Eleanor already has two Cardinals outfits, but they don't fit yet.
Our little family.
Doll-baby on a hotel bed.
Our flight home. It was a SkyWest flight which was fun for me. We got to sit together which was nice as well. Little E was perfect again. It was Sunday so she is wearing her church clothes.
Back home again. Ready to greet the hoards of people waiting to adore her. Like the co-presidents of her fan club. (P.S. My dad is in his painting clothes.)
And Great-grandma, who always wants to "tickle, tickle,tickle the little pet."
P.S. Note the size of her thighs! Awesome.


Azúcar said...

Congrats on the law schools! I'm so jealous.

jen said...

Gonzaga...awesome! You will have to get over to Manson to visit. There are lots of Englands for you to stay with!

Beckie said...

Jen beat me to it :) You will have to go stay with my parents for a weekend if that is where you end up. We also have family in Spokane if you ever need a babysitter. I know they would love to a hold a baby :)

monica said...

You are the cutest, funnest, most adventurous family I know - I'm so glad we're related. As I was reading, I was so hoping that I could have been on a beach towel next to ya'll having the time of my life too on the Island. So glad "Little E" was a perfect traveller - she has great examples as parents! Way to go Gonzaga! Clayton, you'll be my J. Stockton!

Ninny Beth said...

hey hey!!! if you go to of my best friends in the whole wide world and her husband will also be there this fall for Law SCHOOL! coincidence? I think not. The time has come for our worlds to crash crash together again! Congrats on a beautiful baby!!!!

Melissa said...

It was fun to read about your trip. Can't believe how old your baby is getting! Congrats on Law School to your husband. I wish we could take weekend trips all over the world! :)

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