Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Odds and Ends

I thought I would post just a few shots of what Eleanor has been up to lately. A lot of hanging out with mom, a few visits at Grandma and Grandpa's, a few at Tom & Jenni's. Basically a lot of what mom used to do, just minus the flying. We did go on her first walk finally. To the mall- what a momma's girl. Ok, so it's three blocks away, where else were we going to go for her first time? For the record, she loved it.

Here is smiley Eleanor lounging on the bed. Basically how she and I start every day. Being lazy and loving it.

Here are Sarah, Boyce and Mark Turpin. They stopped by to meet Eleanor on their visit here. They are currently living in Vegas.
Her new favorite shoes. Wendi and Mark Fullmer gave these to her. Could you die?
Eleanor at the park getting ready to leave. We got to spend some time with Camille & Michael Davies and family for Camille's birthday.

Here she is talking to Grandpa. She loves his deep resonant voice. She had been wailing a minute before, but his voice always calms her down. I wish they could put that in a noise machine.
See! Works every time.


Beckie said...

I love the pictures with your dad. Very cute!

Ashley said...

She is so cute! Love her smile!

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