Monday, May 18, 2009

Certifiably a Genius

Eleanor is smart. I know everyone thinks their children are clever, but I'd say that most people are just pleased with whatever their kids can do. Not realizing that it isn't anything special. We are not that naive. Here we have proof that our daughter is a bona-fide virtuoso. She is just barely two months old and she can already make spitting sounds. I know. It's insanely cute and remarkably advanced for her age. All kidding aside, she loves to chatter back and forth with us, and recently she started copying us when we make a certain trilling sound. Here is the video of her doing it. You will have to pardon how much I talk on the video. I hate how stupid I sound on tape, but Eleanor responds to us talking, so to get the results, blah, blah, blah... So here it is. The most adorable thing ever recorded of a baby. Ever.



Marcie said...

I think it is impossible for someone to take a video of themselves with a baby and not sound like an idiot. It's a universal problem that you should never have to apologize for :D

Shauna said...

She really is adorable. You may have to post something hideous and/or alarming to offset little Eleanor. One of those hairless dogs? Nah, overdone. But you need to think of something, my head is about to eplode from the cuteness.

Mark and Sarah said...

that was too too cute!

Dusty and Amy said...

That is precious and yes she is a genius.....

The Red Pen said...

I am freaking out!!! What baby can do that? I submit that none can, except this girl wonder!

OK, so I was doing this survey thing that asks what your first word was. Naturally, I had no idea and promptly texted my mom to ask her.

She said she tried forcing "mama" on me, but it was actually meema.

For those of you who don't know, Meema was my word for Marianne.

Also, the "verification" word thing is "chelanti" which I just think is eery.

AbbyAnn said...

Oh my gosh Annie, I can't believe how cute and smart she is! I showed this to Hannah and Grant and I couldn't believe I was the only one going "oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" Wow you will raise a genius! And I was the only one going, "oooooooohh and aahhh!" But now all I have left to say is WOW!

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