Thursday, August 28, 2008

Image Tag

Michell Cannon has the best quizzes and tags. She did this one not too long ago and I thought I would give it a whirl. The idea is to answer the questions by typing your answer into Google Images and picking the one from the first page or so and pasting it in. It's so fun. Who knew that Michelle once liked Devon Sawa? Totally takes me back. Here goes!
1- My first name: Marianne. Marianne is also the title given to French liberty or values. This is Delacroix's Lady Liberty Leading the Republic. I liked it better than the porn that came up with my name search. So much for filters! Oh, I guess she is a little naked. Art naked isn't naked.

2-My Middle Name: Marguerite. This is a Marguerite daisy. I didn't know there was one.

3- My Last Name: Firth. Here is cousin Colin at his actual wedding to Livia Giuggioli. I thought that was cute. Ya, the first seven pages of Firth are pretty much devoted to him. Clayton is much sexier.

4-My age: 32. This is a famous photograph, I don't know the photographer, but it had a subtitle saying the woman was 32 years old. Made me feel pretty awesome. And pretty sorry for her. I imagine I too would look that haggard if I had 11 kids during the dust bowl.
5- Favorite Vacation Spot: This one is tough. So I choose two. First Paris.
And second, Disney Cruise.

6- A Past Love: Much much harder! At age eight or so? John Taylor of Duran Duran? Ricky Schroeder? Kirk Cameron? At age 12? That would be Jordan Knight of New Kids. In the end I went with my 14 year old obsession with Depeche Mode. Particularly Dave Gahan and Martin Gore. Major daydreams. Listened to 101 daily and imagined being Dave's girlfriend. Ahhh. By the way, all of the noted above have aged very well.
7- College Major: Fashion Design and Production.
8- If I was going to do it all over? Probably the same. I loved my major. But if I had to finish it now I would go all Humanities or Art History.
9- Where did I grow up? Manson Washington!
10- Where do I live now? Provo Utah! A million beautiful shots turned up, but I liked this one best.
11- A Past Pet: Sadly we were pretty tame on the pet front. My favorite though was my cat named Patches.

12- A friend's nickname: Well, nothing came up for Juliettabeth. So I went with what I often call Clayton. Claytone. And oddly enough this came up. I don't question such gifts.

13-My First Job: Aside from babysitting? I worked at Rocky Mountain Drive Inn. Ugh.
14- Favorite Food? Today? Possibly Chicken Marsala. Or Sweet and Sour Meatballs on Rice. Or my dad's Turkey Dinner. Or Sam's Club Cake.

Ya, I couldn't choose. Note: we never do Brussels sprouts and the cake should be chocolate.
15- My Favorite Color: Pink. Most of the time. Blue is a close second. An entirely pink painting of Freud holding a hot dog? Heck yeah!
16- What am I doing right now? Well this obviously, but I will go with how I am feeling right now. Nauseated. I am home sick from work today, thus the long and frivolous blog. I guess this poor bride looks that way too. Maybe her mom just had "the talk" with her.
17- A Bad Habit of mine: Popping my knuckles. Not because it is bad for you, it isn't. There are miles of research (Kirsten, I said research.) papers and studies on it. See here. Or ask any doctor. It's only bad because it annoys the heck out of people. For that I am sorry. Sorta.
Ok. I now tag Kirsten, Shauna, Sarah, Camille, Shelly, Elisa, Adam, Lisa, Darren, Allison, Alison, Monica, Tiffany,Leigh, Melissa, KaRyn, Jenni and whoever else. P.S. Once you find your image, look at it full size, right click to copy image location and then insert that in the photo uploads under add an image from the web.


Matt & Michelle Cannon Family said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you did that tag! It's a fun one, huh?? And you got some pretty sweet pics! That's so fun!

Ninny Beth said...

Dear Marianne-
We are eternally linked by our love of Dave Gahan and Martin Gore and our erstwhile pets named Patches.

Thank you,

monica said...

Oh My Gosh! How can I even compare to that blog post?!!?!? You have got to be kidding - I laughed until I thought I'd waken the kids up! Hilarious. You are the best.

Diana said...

first of all... it's awesome you're converting to art history! I think I'll take some credit for that... but most of it is of course your fun trips to Europe. Second... actually, this should be first, Congratulations on the baby! we'll be praying for you. I guess third now, look up Dorothea Lange, she's the photographer for the depression mother image. She's awesome and I believe BYU has some of her photographs, if not, they at least did a show on her work a few years back. sorry, what I can say, I'm an art history who just finished a job at a Photography museum. =)

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