Monday, August 18, 2008

Death Cab For Cutie!

So this post is more than little past due. May 26th. A fun group of friends and family all joined up at the Death Cab concert. It was such a blast. It's bizarre to think of how cold we were that night, but it was still a great show. It was my first time seeing them, but Clayton's fourth or something.
Here is Mark Turpin, Clayton, my brother Adam and Mark's wife Sarah. More people were there but I forgot their names. Mark introduced Clayton to Death Cab like six years ago. He and Sarah are always into great music. For proof go to their blog and listen to their playlist.

Also in our group were my niece Megan and her cousin Kaylie.

At the concert I ran into some old friends that I haven't seen in about eight years or so. Dan and Leigh, now we are blog friends! They also have killer taste in music. You can enjoy their playlist here:

I was happy with my pictures. Normally concert shots are worthless, but I even got a few where you can recognize the band members.
Ben! (And Jason and Chris)
Tegan and Sarah opened but due to some bad weather and technical difficulties Rogue Wave was cut. Luckily DCFC more than made up for it.

Kaylie and Megan

Mark and Sarah. I think this was one of their first nights away from their sweet little Boyce.
Me and Clayton.


leigh said...

wow. i'm honored. thanks for liking my mix tape. i'm going to check out your other one here soon too. and i'm so glad you saw dan and came over to us at the show. you guys need to come over sometime and play rock band.

as for the books - are you on goodreads? if so i want to be your friend, if not i'll send you an invite and you can see what i'm reading/have read even if you don't want to join up. either way send me an email at leighlou5 at yahoo dot com.

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