Monday, August 18, 2008

Firth Family Reunion

Alright, so this happened in mid-June. A little late, yes, but I was just going through the pictures and was freaking out over how cute the kids are. Had to post. So here are some snapshots of the weekend. We stay in Arbon Valley which is on some farmland that the Firth uncles own just west of Malad Idaho. It's so peaceful and lovely out there.

On our way there we stopped for lunch at Monica's house. Her place is a little boys dream. Dogs, dirt and tons of space to play.
Lucas was quite clever and got his rifle to stand at attention.

Tate and Natalie were more interested in Tess.
...well, she was in a cage like a prisoner...
Back at the farm... Rachel and I enjoyed camp chairs.

While Val enjoyed Gabe. Aka the most photogenic boy in the world. Tyler is in the back round.

Rachel is awesome and went for a hike. Could the valley be any prettier?
Oh ya, I slowed her way down by tagging along as a photographer.
The gang made bottle rockets to shoot. Sam (Val's husband and way too handy engineer) had to miss this year because of work, so other people actually had a chance at the highest rocket. His son Tate did ok despite the loss of his dad's help.

Here is Tate and Autumn after a launch. They use an air compressor to really make them fly. It's pretty cool.

Even though they had the great outdoors and plenty of playmates....

...the small old-school Nintendo was still one of the more popular attractions.

Have I mentioned that Clayton likes to dress in drag? OK, so he was actually being a good sport along with the other guys by dressing up as one of the Deal or No Deal models.
For our fantastic game!!! Here is the lovely Clint showing what is in his case.
So Tate is in 80% of my pictures, what are you going to do? He's just so cute. Here he and Clayton enjoy the night time activities.

Autumn my other muse was also always ready for a shot. Here she is with her second(?) cousin Thomas.
We tried to gather up our group (all of Rex and Kathy's kids' kids) for a cousin shot. This is the only one out of about thirty where they are all in the same frame. From top going clockwise:
Caleb, Lucas, Kadin, Tate, Autumn, Natalie, Jonah, Gabe and Micah.

And adorable Gabe, Clint and Alison's youngest.
Yay- can't wait for next year!


Tiff said...

I have loved looking at & reading this post! It was such a great time and we sure look forward to this reunion each year! Great pics!

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