Monday, March 10, 2008

New York City!

Hello, we are back. We changed our minds about Costa Rica and decided to go elsewhere. So we took a red-eye to New York Wednesday night to catch our flight to... next blog. We arrived at JFK at 5:30 am on Thursday. Our flight didn't leave until that evening, so we had about 8 hours to kill. We wanted to pack in as much of New York as we could so we decided on Central Park and Ellis Island. We started by taking the subway to 125th in South Harlem and walked down to Central Park. We walked the entire length of the park along 5th Ave. We stopped for breakfast on Park Ave and made some detours in and out of the park. Here is Clayton in front of the small lake at the top end by 110th.
This is the Alice in Wonderland statue. It is one of the few things I knew about and wanted to see in Central Park. Central Park is so huge and we didn't have a map, so we had no illusions of finding anything. We were just happy to wander and take in whatever sights we could see. So we were ecstatic, well, I was, to fumble upon this in our meanderings. It was put in the park in 1959 as a memorial to Margarita Delacorte from her husband George. The inscription reads:
In memory of my wife Margarita Delacorte who loved all children GTD. How romantic and sweet is that? It made me love the statue all the more.
Here I am in one of the areas used in Enchanted. (That's how she'll know) This movie has become a family favorite due to our niece Allie's obsession with it. And because it's just freaking adorable. At least that's what Clayton says. Ok. So Clayton doesn't say that.
Speaking of adorable movies Clayton loves... or angry sea-monster movies, here is a bridge/tunnel like the one in the end of Cloverfield. Clayton is hunkering down to avoid dying.

And here we are together. Central park was amazing. It would be fun to go in the summer and enjoy more of it.
We made our way down from the bottom of the park and found Times Square. New York is incredible. You can see almost every famous site in one day if you are willing to walk a lot. We were and we did. The only thing we didn't do was the Empire state bldg. $20 bucks to get up on the roof. They never mention that in movies. We didn't have time. We had a flight to catch and were just trying to see the basics. Here is Clayton in front of MTV studios.

And here I am in front of the big signs. There really isn't a lot to do there besides gawk and take pictures. A small bomb had been set off that morning in the middle of the street, but it wasn't that big of a deal when we got there. However, many armed officers and soldier-types keeping watch.

And here we are doing our best self-portraiture. Is that a word? Note the billboard directly over my head. Well, you can't really see it, but it is the America's Next Top Model ad. Awesome.
We made our way to Ground Zero and paid our respects and then walked to Battery Park where we caught a ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I told you we packed a lot in one day. This is the view of the city from Liberty Island.
And here is Clayton at the same spot. We enjoyed our day in New York so much. At the end we were very tired and a bit cold, but happy to have seen such a cool part of America. Here is a parting shot of Lady Liberty. You can't take a bad picture of her.

Stay tuned for where we went next!


Shauna said...

That sounds like it was awesome. Can't wait to hear where you go next. Mexico? Jamaica? Rhode Island? It's bound to be more interesting than where I spent my weekend (yeah, Orem). Also, you need to come over and watch Enchanted with me. Sterling refuses, and sadly, Lucy won't quite get it for another couple of years.

Mark & Sarah Turpin said...

We love all the pictures and updates. We live our vactions through you guys. So keep it up! and thanks for the drop by we love seeing you

Matt & Michelle Cannon Family said...


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