Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Big news! Well maybe not. Anyone who reads this already knows the big news. So....boring blog! Yay! Yes. I finally get to have a baby. So does Clayton. We're gonna share actually. Although I really think I should get all naming and dressing privileges for having to hang onto the baby for 9 months in a row. I know, I know, everyone else in the world from the beginning of time has done this before. But now it's me. Much bigger and more important than all of those 80 billion or so other pregnancies. So we are due in April. Which is a lovely time to have a baby, don't you think? As for any ill effects? Oh I have plenty. Sadly (or maybe thankfully? I'm not sure yet) I have every non-symptom you can have. I have the near opposite of what most women get. Not perfect healthy carefree days, no. Just other charming symptoms. According to all of the mom-to-be books, I don't exist. Because my symptoms NEVER happen in pregnancy. However when I go on-line I meet several other women who hate the books like me. I love the internet. It can make anyone feel normal. Or perfectly abnormal. Anyhow, now I have a cold which has made me sit out work this week. Not complaining, well, ya. I am. Oh well. More time to work on names. I already have my boy and girl name. Now I just have to convince my sweetie that they are awesome "cool kid" names. Considering my love of 18th century literature, I don't know if that is a true statement. One of my favorite heroines is Fanny from Mansfield Park. Only a kid as cute as Autumn could pull that off. (See the link to Favorite Redheads) It's nice to accept the fact that my babies can't be as cute as my nieces and nephews on both sides. I'm not being modest. Or maybe I'm bragging for them. But what can you expect when twenty some-odd children are freakishly beautiful? No one can keep a winning streak up that long. I've accepted this and will be perfectly happy with my boring, plain-faced, blah looking kids. I will dress them in ridiculously cute clothes to compensate. Oh. And of course they will be smart and well behaved. I am kidding you know. I learned to never make statements like that as they will bite you in the bum later on. So Yay!!! Join the baby party and have one too! (Within the bonds of matrimony please.) All the cool kids are joining the club. Actually I am annoyed at what celebrities I am pregnant with. More on that later.


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