Sunday, August 12, 2007

May, June, July, Aug.....

I've been busy. So have the other five or six bloggers I love and yet they seem to find to post. All guilt aside it has been a lovely summer. Family reunion, super fun wedding, our anniversary and a few trips. Our latest was back to Calgary, which is where we got engaged. We had a lovely two days in a nice hotel and perfect weather. And Clayton graduates in a week! Today is his last class. Hallelujah! We will be having a super-fun party in about two weeks so get excited readers. Everyone is invited, I'll make it more formal soon. Tyler's wedding was so wonderful. We had such a great time with the family in San Diego. We got to go to the Scrips (?) aquarium with Allison and Clint and their painfully adorable children. They really are lucky that we haven't kidnapped them and headed south for a life in Mexico. Even with the extreme sunblock bills it would be much easier than having our own. I'm kidding of course. However, if Autumn is missing, you wouldn't be wrong to call me first. Also included are shots of Clayton and I with Jack and Hannah miniature golfing. The girls won this time. Anyhow. I will (hopefully) post these pictures. Our PC gave up the Windows ghost and is now a linux limp along. Luckily I married a brilliant man so all of my old pictures are on an external hard drive. He says. I am happy to believe him if only for the peace of mind it may falsely give me. Am I making any sense? Next time I will try for clarity.


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