Friday, October 26, 2012


Aaahhh, Greencrest. Our beloved street back in Michigan. We moved there blindly, just picking a place on Craigslist and hoping for the best, never realizing that the best was exactly what we were getting. We moved into a horrible duplex in a great neighborhood that happened to be right next to two awesome duplexes, filled with four amazing families that became some of our best friends. When the Oversons moved back to Utah after our first year there, we took over their spot. Our apartment is the one (with the red door there on the side) that you can see in the picture below.

 We shared a wall with the Johnsons, easily the best neighbors you could ever have. We also had the Phillips and Seedalls and then for the last half year, the Hutchisons and the Olivers. But let's talk about the Johnsons. ANGELA! I miss them so so much. Eleanor still talks about Zach and Grant all of the time. 
Here is a shot of them on their door step.
  Angela and I were both expecting little boys at the same time. 
That would be Winston and Baby Bennett.
Winston's first best friend.
  And we can't forget Timmy!
 One day after a flash storm we had some awesome puddles outside. Despite having just had a bath and being ready for bed, Eleanor had to go out to jump in them. She honestly believes that every puddle must be jumped in, like it's some strange requirement. I have no idea where she picked that up but it's kind of cute, so we let her get on her boots and head out. The beauty of Greencrest is that if you take the kids outside, it is highly likely that the neighbors will join you. Grant and Zach hurried out to splash around with E.
 Zach on the bit of lawn that floods.
Um, Zach dear... oh never mind.
Winston came out to see what all the fuss was about.
Eleanor no! Oh well. Yeah, so much for freshly washed hair. Again, where do they come up with this stuff?

We have so many wonderful memories from our shared lawns. We miss those happy days in East Lansing, but are happy to be moving on as well. More on that later. So much more catching up to do. Seriously, I am still so behind, it's lame. 


Ann said...

This makes me homesick for that neighborhood!! We were soo blessed to have you guys be inspired to move on the street! Best thing that ever happened!

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