Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cinco de Mayo 2012

I know, May? Ugh. I thought I was so awesome getting caught up. Oh well. Back in Michigan, back in May, Greencrest threw a fairly impromptu Cinco de Mayo party. Impromptu as up until the day before, I kind of thought we shouldn't do it. I initially wasn't super excited about the idea of semi-hosting a party 12 days before we had to move, but ended up so glad we did. It turned out to be so fun and such a great chance to hang out with some of our favorite people one last time. And an opportunity to eat pot-luck Mexican is always worth the push. The only bad part was that no one was really in charge of getting the word out, and so a few people never got invited and that sucked. Things like that eat me up for ages afterwards, so, sorry to those who slipped through the cracks.

 Clayton enjoyed a bocce tournament with the guys in the front yard.
 Timmy and Angela got a piñata, because that's what they do.
 Eleanor holding onto her sweet Angela.
 Grant at bat, and about twenty waiting to go.
 Little Winston!
 I love this face, I can hear the exact noise he makes in my head.
 Sweet Kins was sad about something.
Some of my favorites! Delicia and Laurie!
 And Amy and Del and Kaylie!
 And Kim and Jody!
 And Alyce!
 And Jacqui!
 And Liya and E. Eleanor is sad about wanting punch, as you can see by her distraught face and clutching of pitchers.
 The guys after bocce. Chad, Clayton, Steven, John, Baby Bennett and Timmy.
 We love the Coupes!
 So much so, that Eleanor thought she could drive them home.
When driving wasn't an option she chose to ride on Reagan's lap instead. You can barely see little Alyce behind her.

So the point of this post is that I am missing all of my Michigan people. I am ready for next May and the one after that when they all finish school and head west, closer to us.


John and Del plus 3 said...

missing the Firth's is an understatement. this post put a lump in my throat for sure. It really does make me happy to move to Utah and be able to hang out with you guys again. (that is, if you haven't moved on, and found replacement Coupe's)
Im so happy you guys were here at the same time as us. I think about the people that missed out on the Amazing Firth's, and it just doesn't seem fair to them.

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