Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Miscellaneous Catch Up

Here are a few more shots I need to offload onto the blog before I move forward. Just some random odds and ends from back in Michigan before we moved.

Here are my guys chilling on the couch.
 Win has the best smile.
 Downstairs in the basement. We found some free instructional dance shows on tv for Eleanor. They were taught by little girls and she was hooked. Here she is practicing her moves.
 ...and jumping and about 90 other shots of her being hilarious and sweet as she tries to copy what they were doing.
 Messy baby shots.

 E asking for chocolate milk. She brings you the carton and looks at you like this. It works about 115% of the time.
 Shots of E with curlers in her "dancing girl" outfit. 
I asked her to show me how old she is. Here we go: one... nope.
 Two... hey!
 Three! Kind of.
 And with the curlers out.
 Here is my attempt to get Winston in a picture with his two best friends, Bennett and Charlie. Win is in green, Bennett in red and Charlie in blue. What happens when you try to pose three baby boys, all under 1 year old?
And this.
 Aww, Charlie is such a good baby!
Burning through the pictures! So much more still to come!


Beckie said...

I love that E was flipping off the camera :)

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