Sunday, August 19, 2012

Butterfly Garden 2012

One day in April a few of us decided to go to the MSU Butterfly Gardens. It's a tiny room full of butterflies that is open for a time in the Spring. It's adorable, and one of many things I will miss about MSU.
 Here are Kins and Eleanor (Who just got her pettiskirt in the mail that day, so please pardon the ridiculous amount of pictures I took of her.)

Apparently I was as enthralled as the kids. Dork. 
Reagan got one!
 Eleanor... did not.
 But not for want of trying and asking them to please land on her "feender".
 Our favorite sign. Who watches the Venture Brothers?
 Reagan, Eleanor, Kinsley, Lily and sweet, wee Alyce.
 Winston was there too!
 There is a darling playground and gardens right outside the Butterfly room.
 Where I took about 8,000 pictures of the girls. Towards the end of our time in Michigan, I started to get a bit sentimental.
 I'll admit, those darn skirts are freakishly photogenic.
 K, E, L & R.

 He's a good sport.
The only less bright spot to this day was a parking ticket on each of our cars. They have these ridiculous meters that take tokens instead of coins. And you have to pay $3 to get a token instead of what would be 1 or 2 dollars worth of parking. I'm cheap, I know. We've all paid it in the past, but that day we all chose to risk it since it's a small hassle to get the tokens. It's so annoying, if it were coins I'd never risk it. The rub is that we didn't go to the zoo that day to save money, when this ended up costing us $25 each. Ha ha. Oh well, live and learn.


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