Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Eleanor's Eye

Poor Eleanor. About two weeks ago (I know, I know. I promised a post a day or something. You all know I'm full of lies, moving on.) she was riding her little trike and suddenly stopped and said "OW!" I looked over and she hadn't fallen or anything but she was holding her eye. I checked but didn't see any marks. Lately she has been prone to a bit of make-believe, so I dismissed it until later that night. That's when I noticed a little mark right under her eyebrow, but it wasn't anything remarkable. However, the next morning Clayton got her up to find this. Egads!
Poor little puffy face. She could barely see out of it. We had Winston's two month immunization appointment that same day so I called in to see if we could fit her in as well. They could, so we ALL got to go to the doctors office. Good times.
They deemed it a bug bite and just told us to watch it. As the day went on it got better and better. I'm still not sure if it was a mosquito or an ant- we have lots of weird ants all over our sidewalks and driveways out front. That night we did a dose of Benadryl and the next day it wasn't even half as bad.
And in another day or two it was completely gone, as seen here. I just wanted to add these for fun as she looked so cute this day.
I love her when she's all dressed up, especially since she wants to wear her Dora pajamas (I caved) or "mermaid" dress (a 6-12 month "Ariel" costume that just covers her bum) nearly every day.


Ann said...

Oh! Her poor eye. Glad it's better. But my oh my, that last picture of her is just GORGEOUS!!!!!

Alexis said...

Oh no!! Was it a bee?? Poor little eye. She is a cutie, glad it got better!

Darin and Shannon said...

oh man!! Thats crazy! poor girl! She is a beauty by the way!

Aubreydoll said...

Oh, that looks awful!! I would have freaked out!

Grammy Rae said...

She looks so beautiful in the yellow dress. I can't believe how grown up she is starting to look.

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