Monday, August 29, 2011

Meijer Day at Potter Park Zoo

FYI, I am more behind on blogging than I thought. I just spent an hour sorting through pictures on my computer... I will try to post maybe one a day for a few days or something awesome. Don't hold me to it though. Anyhow. When Win was just two weeks old, Potter Park Zoo had a day sponsored by Meijers, where it only cost $3 to get in. Woo hoo. Off we went. Win was a dream in his car seat the whole time, and Eleanor had a blast.

And, can I just say? After wandering amongst the "great unwashed" (pilots used to always call the passengers that) I came away feeling smarter and better looking than I normally feel. Yeah, there were some real winners there, but I'm not here to be mean. On to the pictures.

Eleanor wasn't too keen on the big mascots walking around.
Cute as always.
Posing like a monkey.
If a monkey looks forlorn, halo-lit and precious. This kind of thing melts me.
And here are some video snippets of E and the mandrill mascot. If you remember, we have reason to be wary of mandrills.

E and the donkeys. Funny girl.


Ann said...

bwahaha! Too funny about the mandrills! hehe. Oh, and you know when you become a little too MI'ized when you start writing MeijerS and not Meijer! hahaha! Makes me laugh

Lisa and company said...

your kids are precious- I also just watched the winston licks Eleanor video! Love it- and he has dimples- how cute is that????

Ruth said...

I can't believe you Marianne, keeping up with things, taking your kids out and about, and even doing Eleanor's hair cute all the time? Can I send Madelyn over before school tomorrow for her hair do?

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