Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Thank-You Blog For Allie

Allie, this little nugget...
...likes to give presents. Her mom says it is a phase she is going through. She is always wanting to give something to someone. So cute! Must be her love language, ha ha. Upon our arrival she showed me the sweet present that she had picked out for Eleanor. I helped her and her friends wrap it up and she soon gave it to little E, who was delighted. As you can see here.
The presenting happened a few times to get the most mileage out of it. Luckily one year olds think there is nothing wrong with that. Neither do photo-happy mothers.
That look on her face is pretty much sums it up. FOR ME? As I mentioned before, she already really likes Allie.
Allie and her friend helped her unwrap a new musical seahorse. It was a total hit. Here she is hugging it close, box and all.
It really has been wonderful. If you squeeze it, the tummy lights up and it gently starts playing pretty lullaby-type songs. If you want it to stop, you squeeze it again and it gently fades out. Perfect for bedtime. I love when I am in the kitchen at night and hear it start up from her room. Thanks Allie- you are the best!


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