Thursday, July 08, 2010

Horsies Go Plfbrplfbrbrplftfftt....

Would you believe I Googled how to spell that? No good answers, by the way.
Eleanor and horses. During our Utah trip little Allie received a loaner horse from her cousin Anna. It's name is Butterscotch and this thing is insane. It's an animatronic wonder that belongs in a Chucky Cheese. Eleanor would have nothing to do with it. It was kind of funny, really. And I couldn't blame her. For all she knows this thing is a live pony just hanging out at Tom & Jenni's house. It ninnies and neighs and snuffs and moves... it's a total creep-fest for a toddler. Fast forward to the weekend at the Firth reunion and Eleanor takes her first (well, technically second) big horse ride and she is sold. She LOVED the horses. They even had this giant Clydesdale that was big enough to eat the horse Eleanor was riding, and she was dying to ride him too. No dice there, but I am thrilled that she likes horses so much. Here are some shots of the big event.

Mounting up with Grandpa Rex.

Starting out. That is Clayton's cousin, Wes leading the way. Thanks Wes!

"Oh hi guys, ya- just out riding, like I do this everyday. No biggie."
Insanely cute. Ya- I'm running out of captions.
What a difference a year makes! This was last year at reunion when she was two months old.
P.S. Same horse!
Now, back to Butterscotch. The minute we got back to Tom & Jenni's she was all over her new friend. Love, love, love. Too funny.She even tried to feed him a carrot. Who taught her that horses eat carrots? Seriously, the things she picks up. I'll post some video of the horse riding as well so you can enjoy the whole shebang.
Giddy up!


LD said...

So stinking cute! She is brave--looks like you may have to pasture a horse in your yard :)

Aubreydoll said...

You have GOT to be kidding me!!! She's such a brave little girl! Haha!

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