Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Little Fish

As I was going through photos for holiday blogging I realized that I had a ton of Eleanor just in the bath. So here they are in their own post.

Eleanor bathing in Utah.

We have a little, water-loving baby. Eleanor would love to spend her whole day in the bath if we would only let her. She gets so excited when I start running the water that sometimes she wont let us get her clothes off before she is diving off my lap. We really have to watch her carefully. She has no fear. She also will not subject to tub seats or other safety devices, no. She likes to walk around and reach for anything and everything. Babies are slippery.

Apparently the water tastes good.
This is in Tom & Jenni's tub. Allie gave Eleanor a swimming rubber fish for Christmas, so they took a bath together to try it out. (Sadly we left it in Utah on accident!) Allie was a little too nekked for me to post the pictures with her in them.
This is how she looks when I rinse her hair and soak her face. I don't try to get her face wet, but with all her aquatic mobility, it's a bit of a challenge. Luckily it doesn't phase her at all. Just a few extra blinks and she's good.
More bathing at Grandma's house. Mom had a little fun with the shampoo.
Lots of flash, lots of attitude.
Does anyone else think she looks like Jennifer here? (My older sister.) Or maybe Hannah? This is the look that I am talking about when I see the resemblance. (Also the shoulder shrug, that used to be Jennifer's signature move.)
No, that's not too big to bite. She cracks us up.
Happy, happy baby. Look at her adorable little teeth!
Did you notice how she is standing in so many pictures! Such a little daredevil!


Aubreydoll said...

Her smile couldn't possibly be any bigger in that last picture! So cute!!

Beckie said...

I love the last picture of her (well, I love them all but you know what I mean)!! I love her grin. She is getting so big!

moabgirl said...

I wonder if you are having flashbacks to Hannah and a certain Sunday you and Cassie got a hold of her! I do think she may have gotten my legs!

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