Saturday, January 09, 2010

Christmas 2009 Part One

Here are just a few of the 9000 shots I want to post of Eleanor enjoying her first Christmas. We had a great time in Utah visiting family and friends. We wish we'd had more time, as there were still a dozen things to do and several people to see, but alas. It goes so quickly. We were shuttling around like crazy everyday it seemed. It is nice to be home in Michigan to relax for a few days before law school starts back up.
So, on to the pictures!

We got the chance to go see our friends the Deifel's and their darling little Emma. She and Eleanor are only three weeks apart in age. Eleanor loved playing with Emma, poking Emma, stealing her toys...
Aunt Monica gave us some tasty lollipops. E kept trying to take Clayton's even though she had her own.
Christmas day at the Firths. Cousin Autumn gave E the darling monkey.
Opening her stocking Christmas morning at Tom & Jenni's house. Her big presents stayed in Michigan so we only brought stocking stuff from "Santa". Everyone else did a bang up job of spoiling her there.
Family portrait Christmas morning in our Christmas pajamas. (Which we opened early to attend a ward Christmas pajama party.)
Another shot of us.
And the big event! Eleanor seemed to really like Santa. She spent a good couple of minutes just staring at his beard. We bought pictures this year and they got a good one of her smiling. This is just the one from my camera.
These are just a few highlights. More to come when we are completely unpacked, Clayton is back in school and I don't have a lesson due.

P.S. Our Oprah taping is showing on TUESDAY! Set your VCRs! Oh, no one uses vcrs anymore? Fine, set whatever you want. I however need to go buy a vhs tape. Not even kidding. Do they still sell those?


Ann said...

Don't go buy a VHS! We have some! That's how I will be taping the show too! Rock on! Way cute pics of E's first Christmas too! Love her!

Aubreydoll said...

Can't wait to see you on TV!

Matt and Melissa said...

What great pics! I was mad at Matt for not getting pics with Santa this year, and now I have more fuel for my fire! Hope you are staying warm in Michigan.

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