Monday, November 30, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Why is Eleanor so happy?
Because she met a polar bear.
We were at the Allee's house to watch the BYU- UofU game and Eleanor got to meet Maverick. Maverick is their giant, fluffy, white, indoor dog. The sweetest and chillest (sp) dog I've met in a while. Eleanor was thrilled that this horse sized pet would let her touch him. She spent the rest of the evening crawling after him. Slightly bothered, he would just casually get up and mosey off out of her reach until she caught up with him again.
I don't think she's really had much interaction with animals yet. A few on our walks, but they are usually way out of arm's reach. She could not stop smiling.
I love that she has no fear of this ginormous beast. And thanks to the Allee's for letting her pester him for the night. (They have four kids, so I suppose he is used to kid-love.)
Here is a video of her chasing him. Poor Maverick.


Alexis said...

That's so cute! And that is a HUGE dog - I've never met him before. Wow!!

Aubreydoll said...

She's so funny! I can't believe how brave she is, Cadance is afraid of our 7 pound cat if she comes running too quickly into the room!

LD said...

That is an awesomely large dog! I'm so glad she loved him!

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