Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Should I stop feeding her or something?

Today I dressed Eleanor in one of her Threadless onesies. Clayton bought her a bunch of different ones last Christmas and we've loved them. Later today, I ran across a picture of her in the same onesie, but from about six months ago! So I took a few pictures of her to see the difference. Ouch, sob etc... When did she get to be so big? When did she grow all that hair? (I promise not to sing Sunrise Sunset here. Oh and the hair.She is trying her best to pull it all out. She grabs and yanks at it constantly. Ok, so maybe just a few times. But still, bad Eleanor. One of us has to have pretty hair. More on that later.) Also- she did have pants on today, this was right before a diaper change, and I wanted to compare her little (ahem) legs.
Man she's cute.

Then this.
Bwaaaa waaaaa waaaaa! Boooo hooooo hoooo. Ok, so maybe I didn't break down quite like that. But look at her sweet little chubby face! Look at her lack of a neck! (I used to have a heck of a time cleaning under there.) Look at her thighs! Well, she still has good thighs. That's my legacy to her, but with crawling, they will whittle down to nothing. I miss my baby, and she's still just a baby. Geesh! Get a grip.

In other hormonal news, last week I chopped off all of my hair. Plugged in the curling iron and grabbed the scissors instead. I grabbed a big chunk from the back and just CUT. I capitalize for emphasis on how freaking CRAZY that was. Mentally sane people do not cut their hair on a whim. As I already mentioned on Facebook, this is what they do in movies. To show that a character is losing it big time, they show them cutting off their own hair. So ya. Psycho me. Luckily I haven't been too attached to my hair in the last 9 years or so. I like a change. But usually I defer to someone who has talent and or training in that arena. Or at least someone who can see the back of my head. In my defense, Eleanor would grab my hair about, oh, seven hundred times a day. She would use it to pull herself up like I was an unwitting Rapunzel. Since the cut? About one tenth of the pulling. Totally worth it right there.

Look at what I did!
See that awesome, even work I am doing? Great idea Marianne!Since my pregnancy, my hair has been much wavier. You can see the natural wave here. I figure I might be able to pull off a messy, "beachy hair" vibe. We shall see. Luckily my super-awesome neighbor Ann helped me even it out. I will seek out professional help (a stylist, not a shrink) in a few weeks, but it's good enough for now. Here is the lame-o self portrait I took today.
I tried to find a "before" shot, as I've actually thought my hair looked nice recently, but no. I could not one shot of me with my hair not in a ponytail in the last few months. And only about five pictures of me total. Out of about eight hundred. Good grief Clayton, grab the camera once in a while!


Tiff said...

You're gorgeous! Long, short, it doesn't matter! I can't believe you just whacked it! And it looks so great!

Allison Hansen said...

LOVE the hair! No, honestly. Phenomenal.

Marcie said...

that was laugh out loud quality. Thank you :) And hey, if you miss your babyness there is always a solution .. have another one ;D

Beckie said...

I love, love, love the short hair. It looks great on you!

Shelli said...

I'm in love with little E. I could die, she's so cute! Time goes by too darn fast. I love babies in onsies by the way. Nothing shows their raw cuteness like a onsie. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

Ann said...

Like I said before, but I need others to know, you had it pretty much all done by the time you came to my house. I was surprised at how even it was even in the back. It looks great!

I have the same complaint to E.Jay! Why can't they be the ones taking all the pictures? It would be nice once in a while at least, right?

Oh and sweet little E! How we miss her! LAuren talks about her each day. I think we're all going through withdrawls. She is such a cutie! I love those pics! Can we play soon? I'm done being sick. GIrls are almost done. I'll let you know.

Mark and Sarah said...

You crack me up!! We need to be closer to each other.
i love the hair way to go!!

Camels East said...

Seriously... I LOVE your short hair!

And yes, the babies lose the roli-ness. Unless your my baby girl, then it STARTS at toddlerhood. She was such a toothpick until she turned 18 months, then WHAM! She's got junk in the trunk. I need to buy her apple bottom jeans.

I can top you in the crazy-hair category.... not only did I give MYSELF a pixie cut, but then I dyed my hair platinum white. I'm giving Britney Spears a run for her money...

Aubreydoll said...

Look at that sweet girl! We love chunky legs, too!

And you're hair is so cute! I was the same way for so long, my hair was ALWAYS in a ponytail so it had to go!

Lisa and company said...

you make me giggle. (the line about professional help had me rolling) And E is seriously the cutest thing ever.

annie said...

my daughter just barely started fitting in her very first threadless shirt! it's exciting. also, i love your haiku shirt and your hair!

King Lady said...

A couple of years ago after watching an episode of ANTM, I decided that I would look hot with bangs. I went to my bathroom and-- WHACKO. For the next six months I spent my time trying to find awesome ways of pulling the front of my hair back. You, however, have a beautiful self-induced haircut. It really doesn't suprise me, though. You can make anything look good. Hope to see you in person on Christmas! (Crossing my fingers.)

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