Friday, July 10, 2009

Four Months and Pouting

I have a lot to blog about, like the 4th of July fun and the Firth reunion. But I will hopefully get to those later today. Right now will be about all the piddling in between stuff. For those of you that don't know yet, we are moving to Lansing Michigan in one month so Clayton can attend law school. We had planned on going to Gonzaga in Spokane, but Michigan offered him more money, so that, along with Temple and prayer, made the decision for us. So right now I should be packing up boxes of nonsense and making trips to DI, but I need to do the basics. Like unload the dishwasher and bathe the baby. And blog.

Yesterday E had her four month check up. She is healthy as can be weighing in at 15 pounds 9 ounces and is 25 inches long. Her weight is in the 90% and everything else in the 80%. Nice and big. I love her chubby little legs and cheeks. So much more to nibble and kiss. Of course the real reason for the appointment is the immunizations. Three shots. I felt so bad taking her in, like I was tricking her. To make it meaner, she was especially charming and adorable for the nurses and doctor through the whole visit, then... Poor baby. Is there anything sadder than her doing her happy "jumping jacks" on the papered bed as the nurses prepare the syringes and band-aids? And even when I hold her arms she gets all happy like: "Yay! Mom wants to play or something!" Luckily they are fast, so they are almost done before she gets the message of "mother freaker this hurts!" She was unhappy all last night and most of the morning today. Right now she is asleep in her swing, occasionally making pitiful little moans or sighs. Am I making too big a deal of this? Yes. But you should hear her. Sniff sniff.

Here is a picture of her right now. She is bent all funny, I tried to move her to make her more comfortable, but she went right back to this position. Head straight up, mouth open.
With her sore legs and hurt feelings, she has shown us her pout face a whole lot today. Her pout face, it's new and it's so funny. (To us anyways.) A few weeks ago I was playing a slow game of peek-a-boo with her while she was in the Bumbo. I would start on one side, slowly make my way around behind her to the other side and "surprise" her. She caught on soon enough and would turn each way and smile and giggle.

Like this.

Then on one turn I get this for no reason.

She wasn't crying or sad. In fact she did it enough times for me to get my camera for a shot of it. She would make the face one time, then go back to smiling the next.
Since then she has done it a ton. Sometimes when she is actually sad, but more often than not she makes it for no reason at all.

Like when camping. Silly baby.

Here is a shot of E and Clayton on Fathers Day. They had walked to church together. No pouting, just posturing.

This week I also got some things done around the apartment to prepare for the next tenants. I've patched some walls, fixed a leaky sink, and reinstalled the door lock on the sliding door. I bought a whole new replacement for it, as it has never locked. Then I take two minutes to look at it and find that whoever installed it in the first place just installed it wrong. I love fixes that require no money. I also replaced the drip pans on the stove. What a seriously satisfying thing to do. I took a picture, that's how dorky I am. Look at the difference!

Right side: New. Left side: Old nasty pans covered for the umpteenth time in crappy foil.

I've also done a bit of sewing. Finally. I am so behind on projects. Mostly it's been a lot of mending, which isn't that exciting to post. But I did make a little skirt for Eleanor. I bought this skirt for myself at Sears (of all places) about five years ago. It was four dollars and too short. I thought I could make it longer using the lining, but never got around to it. However, I have been inspired by this blog: Wardrobe Refashion
It has people sign up for stints of time, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year etc... in which you pledge to buy nothing new. Only thrift stores or fabric. Then you try to "refashion" what you have into new pieces. Since it has dozens of members, there is always something new to see. And to be honest, a lot of it is heinous. But some of it is cool or motivating. I plan to sign up on their next rotation, but was too chicken to do it right now. And I wanted this dress at Target, so...

I've always loved the dip-dyed or ombre style. Everyone has a little hippie in them, right?
It probably took ten minutes to make it into a baby skirt.
Ta daa!

And then there is this. Is this too much? I just love her!


Sara said...

Aunt Mary said you passed up a babysitter and free food since you aren't going to Spokane. Eleanor is a cutie!

Sara Jones

Allison Hansen said...

Lansing: congrats!
Shots: my nurse recommends a dose of Baby Tylenol before leaving for the dr's office to give it the half hour to kick in. It has always worked for Soph (shrug).
Craftiness: you would love my friend Dana's blog. Go stalk her.
Re: facebook status comment: You're not an idiot. Actually, I was referring to my YW girls who all went to Girls Camp without me while I stayed home to mend with my biological girls.

Sandra said...

Elanor is a doll - I love all her faces, she is such a cutie! I loved the skirt - both sizes, baby and adult. You are so talented, you sew, fix leaky faucets, change locks (or fix them), look at you Mrs. Handyman! Good luck in Michigan! Love your blog...

Sandra said...

Oh yeah, and I hate shots too. I feel the same way you do. I loved the picture of her sleeping in her swing. (I'll stop posting comments now.) :)

Shauna said...

I love her too! Seriously, I can never get enough pictures. The pouty face is killing me.

Have I mentioned I'm coming to Utah the end of next week, and I'm dying to see you and Heidi? (cause you know, it's been a whole 3 weeks). Are you too busy with repairs and packing to hang? Hope not. Oh yeah, and the repairs! What the..? Have you always been this handy?

The Red Pen said...

Blaaaaawwww! (That's me, wiggin.)

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