Monday, July 13, 2009

Eleanor's First 4th of July Weekend

We had a lovely holiday weekend. Nothing crazy, just time spent with family and friends.

Eleanor and cousin Jack on my parents new back porch.
From left: Jack Abby Calvin & Grant in front of the fire-pit.
Grandma Kathy and Eleanor.
Trying her first taste of watermelon.
Eleanor and cousin Allie in their red and blue outfits.

Jenni and Allie. Allie loved the fireworks they lit in front of the house. She ran around and around giving everybody hugs. I think being up past her bedtime was a bit of a thrill too.
Clayton and EleanorMarianne, Clayton & Eleanor
Like Allie, Eleanor loved the fireworks. She would jump and bounce throughout the night.


Shauna said...

That family picture is freaking adorable. Check "christmas card picture" off your year's to-do list. And yes, you totally can have a 4th of July picture be your Christmas card picture. Nancy did it last year, complete with bedecking us all in matching Old Navy flag shirts. Cause that's not embarassing at all.

Helicougar said...

Oh cute! Eleanor is not serious, as Jenni would say. I love the little curl on her head!

Charlotte said...

E is such a cute little chub. I'm sorry about the immunizations--it is a cruel trick, poor baby. Why hasn't some genius come up with a better way?

The Red Pen said...

I am missing everything!

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