Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eleanor's First Easter

Sweet Eleanor really enjoyed Easter Sunday. We had planned to take her to church for the first time, but due to a very late night (and morning) only Clayton made it. We did make it over to Grandma and Grandpa Firth's for Easter dinner though. Clint and Alison and their kids were also there so we had a great visit. It was Jonah, Micah and Gabe's first time seeing their cousin.

Here are Jonah and Autumn welcoming her to the house.

Micah is a strawberry eating machine.

With so many hands to hold Eleanor, I had time to give Autumn a manicure.
Alison holding Eleanor. Gabe became very interested in the baby after that.

Daddy and baby taking a nap.

Our attempt at an Easter family portrait.

Here she is with her Easter Basket.

This is my first attempt at posting video. So I hope it works ok. This is how we hid her basket. Put it to one side and waited for her to turn her head. She loves her prizes. Barrettes, tights, candy (she and mom are sharing a basket this year) and a new movie! Son of Rambow- highly recommend it.


Tiff said...

Awww! Happy Easter! Doesn't she just make every holiday so much more exciting and fun?!

Brent & Andrea said...

Cute video! Eleanor is getting so big.

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