Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Because she is so cute I can hardly sit still

Little Eleanor is soundly sleeping in the Baby Bjorn that Aunt Valerina loaned us. Which gives me a moment to post a few new pictures. She is awfully photogenic, so it is hard to decide between the eight thousand I've taken this week. But I imagine all parents feel that way about their babies. And if this blog gets a bragging feel to it- sorry. I don't think I will know how to temper that for some time. Let me know if it gets to be a bit much. That said:

Here she is being held by her grandpa Rex this past Sunday. I will soon need to make a post just of pictures of her being held by all of her friends and family.
The Thinker. She does this pose a lot.
Adorable baby on the ever-present backdrop of our duvet cover. We spend a lot of down time on the bed with HGTV on in the background. Luckily she loves home improvement.
Here she is all dolled up to go to her first doctors appointment at two weeks. Yes- that would be a skirt. Here she is expressing her thoughts about being poked in the heel again. Notice the glorious quilt cousin (aunt) Kirstie made her. We LOVE it.
Showing off her pedicure.
Because we can.Why are the best shots always out of focus?
She is waking up so we will post more on another day. Like maybe tomorrow.


Mark and Sarah said...

oh my my... she is just so cute there aren't words for it. Don't worry you can't put too many pictures of her on. And how are you doing?

LD said...

PLEASE keep the pictures coming!! She is beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular! Newborns are so sweet and unreal, eat her up!

Beckie said...

She is SO cute Marianne...What a doll! I need to come see her :) It was so fun seeing your mom and dad this weekend. I know my parents loved it

Sandra said...

Gorgeous! I love the pedi!! I love that there are so many pictures of her with eyes open! She is absolutely priceless!

Ryan said...

She is freaking adorable! You guys sure make a beautiful child! When's the next one coming? Haha.

Lisa and company said...

she is soooo super adorable. I love her little nose and all that hair and her cute toes and expressive little mouth.
Kailyn used to sleep with one hand curled up by her face just like that.

The King family said...

Love the mother-daughter pedicures! You're starting out right. And I'm sure the skirt made a good impression on the doctor.

You don't need me to tell you she is BEAUTIFUL!

Helicougar said...

Oh my gosh, she's so adorable!Again, I can't wait to hold her. I'm so glad someone else's blog will now be centered around their baby!

Tiff said...

She's so beautiful! Brag away! I love seeing her pics!

The Red Pen said...

Well, I'M happy. Screw you, other blogs in my feed. That is all. I am done now.

The pedicure thing is so cute I'm not sure how to have an emotion about it. I can't tell if I'm pissed or just want to put gravy on her and eat her. Somewhere in between. Sorry, I'm creepy.

Dusty and Amy said...

I can't even say how precious that is! Post as many pictures as you want and BRAG as much as you want. She is adorable!!

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