Wednesday, March 04, 2009

9 days and counting!!!

I wish it were 9 hours left (and I suppose it could be), but alas. Right now it is almost 2 am and I am having trouble sleeping. Again. Always it seems. Boo-hoo though, right? No- I am ok. The end is definitely the hardest part, but it's exciting to know that we will soon have our daughter here. And I still have a few things to finish around the house. A bit of sewing, a bit of painting and a lot of putting away. So I am happy to have the nine days or so. I love the preparation of it all, no complaints.

This past Saturday my Howell family and friends threw me a baby shower. And last month my Firth family and friends threw me one. Can I just say that both parties were amazing? My family really has my number, as the food was divine at both. I do love to eat. Fresh fruit and crepes at the Firth one, and bagel sandwiches and cupcakes at the Howell party. Plus salads and goodies galore. It was so fun to see everyone all together. And boy did baby get showered with gifts. Let's just say that our sweet one is already one spoiled little girl. For someone who is still naked, she has a wardrobe that could rival Suri Cruise. It is so nice to feel we are set up in all of the necessities- and overly set up in all of the frou-frou, fun stuff as well. Thanks to everyone who has shown us so much love and attention in the past few months. And thank you for all of the lovely gifts. They will all be happily used and loved.

Here are a few shots of the festivities. First the Firths.
Adorable girls (and one fellow) at the party. I kind of know their names, but would undoubtedly get them all wrong if I tried.

Grandma Firth, Rebecca and Kathy (Clayton's mom.)
Charlotte, Jenni-Jo, Tiff, Wendi, Alison and Kaitlyn (on the floor)
Me and Autumn. Could she be any cuter? She is so fun to chat with.

And now for the Howell's. My very young niece was my personal photographer, so I didn't get too many shots of who came. Kir has all of the pics of who was there, but here are a few anyways.
The cupcakes were there. Very important.

My friend Cristy was in town (she lives in Boston) and so we got to hang out. Such a treat! Here are Julie, me, Cristy and Diana. Former roommates all together again. It's been a few years!

And here I am with Kirsten and Ayla. My niece and great-niece. (Niece Allison's daughter.) Kirsten put all of the party together. She had help from a few others she said, but adorable touches like the marquee sign out front that matched the fabric wrapped soap favors that matched the quilt... all her.

So much fun. And my one wish was that I wouldn't go into labor before the shower. Wish granted. So remind me if my water breaks at Ikea or something, that I need to be grateful. (Ya- I have one more exchange to do tomorrow at Ikea. Dreading. Luckily they sell towels.) We will keep everyone posted!


Mark and Sarah said...

I have been thinking about you so much and just waiting for the big post!! This is the time when you are just so excited you could burst and you really feel like you just might if you get any bigger :) You look great!!

The Red Pen said...

Whoo hoo! Glad you scored. You deserve it more than anyone I know. Will have pix soon.

Marcie said...

Hey Marianne, Just a last-minute reminder that you aren't teaching tomorrow :D Join your day off.

monica said...

You are so selfless and thoughtful of others. You deserve to be showered more than you know. Glad you had such fun showers - sorry I wasn't able to be there (in person).

It will be a happy day when new baby girl Firth gets here. Can't wait. Much Love. Monica

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