Sunday, March 08, 2009

5 Days? Oh crap, 4? Are we sure?

Surely it can't be five days away from my due date? That has to be wrong. Thursday, hmm. Ok, it's Sunday night... due on the 12th. Ya- I guess that's right. Weird. A little scary, but also just enough time to get things done. Because babies come on their due date I'm told. Kidding of course. I feel like I will go over. The last few times the doctor has checked, the baby seems to try and go higher. For all of you moms out there, you know that isn't the most pleasant sensation. And if we are going by sensations here, then she should have been born a week ago. Everything hurts. The loose joints and swelling are my two favorites right now. Good times. Also, I'm extra exhausted as of late. I slept in forever today as we forgot to set our alarms for church, AND we also forgot about daylight savings. Whoops. Thankfully the wonderful RS sisters had gotten a substitute for me a few weeks back, so I didn't have to teach. I also took a two hour nap in the afternoon. What is up? Any chance this is one of those signs that labor is imminent? No?

Anyhow, the house is coming along ok. I've got the changing table set up, the dresser painted, everything pretty much purchased, a few meals in the freezer and Clayton even put together the crib tonight. So sweet. I still have a few odds and ends to tie up, but nothing that will make me swear if my water breaks tonight. (Come ooonnnn tonight!) Do I really need to shampoo the carpet in the nursery? I imagine that might get skipped. The projects have been fun though. A lot of before and after shots. I will post pictures of all of the decorating when it is finished.

As for the baby, we still aren't finalized on a name. We are down to two, maybe three and we each have a favorite. We are waiting to look at her before we decide. I'll save that so I have something to announce when she comes. There is still time to plug your personal favorites if you want.

Tomorrow is Adam's birthday- Happy Birthday Awesome Brother!!!- and it would be super sweet to have her join him in celebrating, but I am not holding my breath.

Also- I am going to get my hair cut tomorrow as I remembered that it's been almost three years. Ya- not even a trim, unless you count my personal clippings that usually happen in desperate, dark moments of hair-hate. I think I might go back to short, but then I wistfully see a horrible Victoria Secret model whipping her mane around on tv and think twice. I need to remember that no matter how long my hair gets, IT DOESN'T EVER LOOK LIKE THAT. Repeat three times to self. You all can vote for my hair options too, at least until my appointment tomorrow night. I need to be careful making choices right now. I realize that when I am gigantic and puffy, and can't change a thing about it, then I want to change everything else. Dangerous territory.

All right- it is far too late to be blogging. Nothing clever or interesting is ever written (at least by me) after eleven pm. I am pushing one am, so it is definitely time to go. Hopefully the next blog will be ages away as a crying baby girl will occupy my time instead. Yee!!!


Azúcar said...

Just be careful because in about 5-4-3-2-1 your hair is going to start falling out, like a lot, and will keep falling out until baby is 5-6 months old. Any haircut you get needs to take into account extreme hair loss.

Helicougar said...

Down to the wire here! Yipee! Not yipee for the labor part, but for when she's here and you get to look at her for the first time!

Shauna said...

So apparently we're at the stage now where every blog update from you is going to cause me to gasp in anticipation of the announcement of Penelope's arrival (which is my vote for the name, by the way).

I also vote for short hair, precisely because of the hair falling out thing. Keep it long enough for a ponytail, since that's the only way to keep it from falling out into everything. But shorter pieces of hair=less gross to pick off of everything.

Also. I am finally going through boxes I haven't opened since 2000, and I found a fabulous stash of letters you wrote me in college. So fun, you have to see them!

Sandra said...

Marianne!! You're down to the wire... I hope you go EARLY!! That was always my wish. :) You're almost there and I can't wait to see pictures of cute little girl Firth. My vote is keep your hair long. It's so nice to be able to pull it up in a pony tail, bun, whatever. And it helps when the hair starts falling out. But you will be beautiful with whatever you decide. Best of luck!!

Wendi said...

It's good to keep in mind the hair falling part, nobody told me about that and I went to a doctor in a panic. It's funny now, not so much then. It's also interesting that "Bea" is going higher. When I was pregnant with Kaitlin the doctor could see her head every time he checked me from 7 months on and couldn't figure out how I could still walk. I couldn't figure that out either. Imagine feeling like a bowling ball was going to fall to the sidewalk from between your legs. I did alot of walking with my job and it was oh so pleasant! Good luck!

Matt and Melissa said...

Looking forward to seeing early the morning after with your new liitle girl soon. We both always enjoy reading your blog.

Charlotte said...

Congrats on the birth of little Ele! (sp?) Val informs me she's beautiful.

Unrelated topic: Val also mentioned Tess of the D'Urbervilles is you favorite novel. Please explain yourself. I'll admit it's an excellent attack on Victorian hypocrisy. But I can't imagine loving a book with a character as hateful as Angel Claire in it, unless he ends up on the scaffold in the end.

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