Monday, February 09, 2009

Four Tag

So Camille did this on her blog and I liked it. The idea is that you go to where you store your digital pictures, find your fourth folder and pick the fourth picture from it. Then describe what is happening in this picture. I cheated though. Our computer has a horrible filing system for photos, so they are actually in about seven different places. So I went to the two that I use the most and went from there.

My first thought- sweet, it's a good one. It could of been an unflattering one of me taking a bite of something. (I have a lot of those.) Of course, then I would have broken the tag rule and pretended it didn't happen. Ok, so I did sorta cheat. The first one was a shot of me and Clayton blinking, so I took the one right after it. I never said I played fair.

In the first picture Clayton and I are posing for some shots that my sister in law Jenni took when she first got her camera. We were in Hawaii and I had slicked back my newly cut bangs with tons of hairspray with so-so results. My hair was also extra yellow due to an unfortunate dye job (my work), but luckily you can't really tell in this shot. I also remember thinking that I looked huge in the white pants I was wearing. Now I can only dream about fitting into those stupid pants again. This is on the grounds of the resort Tom and Jenni were staying at. Ah memories.

My second attempt at getting a fourth picture came up with this. This is my nephew Grant. We are on a bus tour to the ruins at Tulum Mexico. This was when we were on the Disney cruise. Such a freaking fun time, and Grant was so fun to hang out with. It just goes to show how impossibly spoiled we have been that if I grab two random photos I get shots of two magical vacations we've been on. I've said it before, but we really don't deserve to have friends.

Now I am supposed to tag four friends... too hard. Instead I tag anyone that wants to play.


Adam said...

"looked huge" in those white pants? You're kidding right? I tell my friends that all my sisters (an neices) look like supermodels, which they laugh at. I show them a few pics from my website or this blog, and they shut right up.

Yeah I'm a snob, but the ladies in my family ARE genetically superior to the rest of this planets rabble.

And Grant is a pimp, I don't care what anyone else says. Just don't tell him I said that.

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