Thursday, February 12, 2009


That's how little Allie pronounces it. Emphasis on the "lead". Which I think is a nice commentary on school spirit. Even if that isn't the point she is trying to make. Above is a shot of Allie in case you've forgotten who our family universe revolves around. Little Allie is two years old and her sister Megan is 17. Megan is a captain of her cheer leading squad at Lone Peak High School. Here she is after a recent game.

And with my mom.
Well, for Allie's birthday a few months back, I promised to make her a cheer outfit to match her sister's. When I was about four my mom made me an outfit to match my older sister Cassie's when she was a cheerleader. It always made me feel special. Wish I had that picture on my computer. I'll have to scan it sometime and post it. Allie loves to cheerLEAD. She has a special spot in her house where she does it. Right next to the stairs. She will make anyone else cheer with her (including her dad), and when they do she sits on the stairs. We think it's because they are just like the bleachers to her. Anyhow- I finally got around to making Allie's little costume and here are the results. In the third shot Megan's outfit is on the floor next to Allie so you can see how close I got. Not bad. She loves it and wears it around the house a lot. She also recently asked her mom if she had made Megan's. Too funny. I'll have to post shots of them together dressed up together later.


Lisa and company said...

your mom is adorable!!!

Nice job on the outfit!

Sandra said...

I am so impressed! I couldn't sew to save my soul! Your little neice is ADORABLE!! She is the cutest little cheerLEADer ever!

Beckie said...

You did an AWESOME job on that!! Your mom is so cute!! I need to stop by and see them sometime!

The King family said...

How adorable!

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