Saturday, January 17, 2009

7 months and charming

Good morning. It is 6:00 AM and I have been awake for roughly three plus hours now. Welcome to my world. This has been the most irritating (well, almost) of the "bad" pregnancy symptoms. Normally sleeping is something that I excel at. I'm a champ. As a kid I could sleep through fire alarms (not really a plus...) and our pet trains haven't bothered me for the two and a half years I've lived here. But for the last few weeks I wake up on average every 45 minutes or so. Sometimes I can get back to sleep, but not today. I'm finding that if I have anything on my schedule I am done for. If my eyes are open, my head is spinning with lists and worries and what not. Right now I am aware that I left a bag of groceries in my trunk. The bag contains a 2 liter bottle of caffeine free Diet Coke, one Gatorade and a bottle of Cranberry Juice. The thought of them freezing and exploding all over our new stroller has kept me extra awake. But it is too cold to venture out and get them just yet. So here I type.

Also, today is our Prenatal class at the hospital. Six hours of... I really don't know what. We are supposed to bring pillows. That's about all of the information I could get out of the lady on the phone. I hope this class is informative. Poor Clayton is not enthused. I just hope there are lots of breaks for treats.

Well, this post is truly the most boring thing I have written in ages. And that is saying a lot. Hope everyone has a super Saturday. Luckily I get to go play with my fun friends later today after my class ends. Right now I am going to go try and get a nap, or watch 30 Rock online. I know you are all on the edge of your seats, so I'll keep you all posted on my morning activities and the state of the beverages.


Shauna said...

Huh. I woke up for good at 3 am too. Fun for both of us. But it is definitely different when you're pregnant. I would get so panicky about the stupidest stuff that I couldn't do anything about, at least not until dawn.

Hope the class goes okay! It is what it is. It did make me feel a little more like I knew what I was headed in to. Sterling was less than excited too. I remember being so mad at him that morning, cause I had wanted him to be all hyped about it or something (or at least pretend to be hyped. I don't know, I was hormonal). Anyway, I can't wait to see you this afternoon to hear all about it!

The Hytes said...

That is so funny. I despise being pregnant! Seriously! Every freaking thing that can happen to a person happened to me. I will say, however, we never took the class at the hospital. I don't know what they teach you, but it was all pretty easy to figure out during the actual process of birth. (maybe it would make a difference if you did it au natural... but not me, man. I'm all for the drugs!)

Adam said...

When you're up at 3am, you can always text your nocturnal brother.

How did the class go? Was it worth the time invested?

Tiff said...

I love posts like this! I hope your class was wonderful ;) and that you had a good Saturday. The not-sleeping thing is a disaster isn't it!! (Nature's way of prepping you for the baby! Ugh!) Anyway...hang in there and I'm looking forward to the party at Monica's!

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