Monday, October 22, 2007

Disney Cruise!!! Part 3

Us on deck 4 at sunset. Ah bliss. There was even a rainbow, in case it wasn't perfect enough. But that's Disney for ya. They want your experience to be magical, even if it means rigging the weather on the horizon for better pictures. Wow.
I love the chance to play dress up on the cruise. This was semi-formal night, so like Homecoming? We got a free cake at dinner! A friend at our table had ordered a birthday cake for her husband and the cruise also gave them one for their Honeymoon the same evening. Only they got it wrong and accidentally gave it to us. This was making someone upset at our waiter. (Well, as mad as a Disney employee can get in public) Since my birthday was a day away from his and we sorta just had our First anniversary we acted like the cake was for us. If we hadn't I think our waiter would have been in trouble. Our table had triple dessert that night. Yay for Disney Magic! So very awesome.

Mickey! On Castaway Cay (pronounced 'key'). He kissed me (hee hee), take that Minnie. This is their version of Mt Rushmore. We loved Castaway Cay and wished we had spent more days there.
Me snorkeling. Notice how I have the entire Caribbean to myself? Ya, it's an amazing place. C and I started crunching numbers to see how much we would need to retire on our own island. I think we can make it happen. Maybe we should share with friends to cut the cost. Any takers?

Us and the boats. In paradise.


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