Monday, October 22, 2007

Disney Cruise!!! Part 1

One of the huge portholes to enjoy. Ours in our room was only a bit smaller. See here below!
Told ya. This is half our stateroom. We loved our room. They show non stop Disney classic cartoon movies on one channel, new Disney cartoon movies on another and fairly new releases on five others. It was so refreshing to watch any channel and not worry about what you'd see.
Prom night (as Clayton kept calling it) at Animators Palette. The entire room goes from black and white sketches to filled with color. And if you know me, you know I love any excuse to get dressed up.
In front of the elevators. The design on everything on the boat kept with a classic Queen-Mary type of vibe.
Here we are docked next to another (inferior) cruise ship at St. Martin's. We rented a car to drive around the island in. It was something else! It was a tad old, filled with napkins and assorted small garbage, and the roof wouldn't stay on when we drove too fast or down a hill. We think it might have just been someones personal car. The rental place took only cash. Hmm. Also the locals drive like maniacs. But what a gorgeous island.


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