Friday, December 12, 2014

Catch Up 2014, er... 2013

Egads. I'm the worst. Smart phones and Instagram have killed my blog. I mean, I've had a freaking baby that my blog doesn't even know about. Sorry, Hugo, SO! Let me try four blog posts to sum up the year. If I make it reasonable like that, it just might happen. Right? RIGHT? Here are a few shots from 2013 to finish up THAT freaking year. Oh brother. I may have posted a few of these before, but I'm not going to let that stop me. Blogger for life!

My mom took me to see So You Think You Can Dance Live in November! We are mega-fans of the show, because it's awesome. I think we both pine for long lost dancing careers... snort. I've always loved to dance, but enjoy watching truly talented dancers even more.

Eleanor started Pre-School in the fall of 2013 and freaking LOVED it. Miss Julie with Alphabet Adventures was a perfect fit for our social girl.

Eleanor holding her cousin once removed (or something), Eva Thueson. Pretty little dolls.

Halloween happened and Eleanor was our Ariel.

And Winston was our Sebastian!

Right before Christmas we sold our trusty car, Geoff, the Focus. I had him for 10 years! We bought a bright blue Ford Fusion and have yet to take a picture of it. Or give it a name! I guess it's hard to get over old relationships.

I took the kids to go see Santa and ride the carousel and Eleanor was as photogenic as ever.

Winston didn't fall off!

Christmas Eve they opened their pajamas and I got really good pictures of them together by the tree. Oh wait, that's right, I totally didn't. Tried and failed. Eh. They were happy.

The kids were suitably dewy-eyed and adorable on Christmas morning.

Eleanor was delighted to find an orange amongst all the chocolate and candy canes in her stocking. Ever our health nut, I don't know where she learns it.

Here is my project I made for my mom. Each branch is a month and each leaf or apple is a name with the birth date engraved on it. I still haven't finished it a year later, ha. Typical me, sorry, mom.

Clayton and E at Grandma and Grandpa Firth's house for Christmas.

Winston fell in love with his cousin Caleb King. He talked about "Cabin" for ages afterwards. During their stay he just followed him around and quietly stalked him like this. 
Caleb was super-sweet about it.

Winston did NOT enjoy the fire show at Tepanyaki for Clayton's birthday. Eh, kids.

Oh, the horror!

Adam and Marie. They had just been dating a month or two here. Now... well, I don't want to take all the fun news away from future blog.


Mom and Dad.

Clayton's cake! I think he made some good wishes, as we've had a really good year.


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